P is for Pig!
~ Alpha Pig
Oh my, Chinny chin chin!
~ Alpha Pig catchphrase
Lickety Letters!
~ Alpha Pig finished the alphabet.

Littlest Pig, or simply Pig, is one of the main protagonists of Super Why! He is the youngest of the three sons of one of the original Three Pigs (the one that built the house out of bricks). Upon transformation, he becomes Alpha Pig, in which he uses "Alphabet Power" using various tools.


Upon transforming into Alpha Pig, his overalls become a purple jumpsuit. He also wears safety goggles as a safety precaution since he will be going on adventures. His hard hat also becomes equipped with a propellor that allows him to fly.


Pig is the youngest member of the Super Readers. Because of this, a large number of episodes deal with problems involving him. 

Pig dreams of becoming an architect when he grows up.



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