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Ethan and Aiden Steiner aka the Alpha Twins are former supporting antagonists-turned-supporting protagonists in the MTV drama show Teen Wolf. They are werewolves twin brothers that are part of the Alpha Pack, leaded by Deucalion. Eventually, they reform themselves into helping Scott McCall defeat the Nogitsune and in Season 6, defeat Werewolves Hunters.

They are portrayed by real twins Max and Charlie Carver.


Season 3

The duo first appear in Season 3 when they hunt down the fleeing mercenary Braeden with Isaac Lahey. We see them again the next day at Beacon Hills High School and they attack Braeden with their pack. Then the two get closer to Lydia Martin and Danny Mahealani, which Scott displeases. They also provoke Isaac on several occasions and lock him up in a reservation where he almost kills Allison.

In a flashback, the twins are seen fighting with their pack against Scott, Derek, Isaac, Boyd and Cora in an old mall. Ennis is injured and he is taken to Deaton's clinic by Kali and Aiden while Ethan goes on a trip with his class. When the class spends a night in a motel, Ethan hallucinates and nearly commits suicide with a chainsaw. On the other hand, Aiden comforts Kali after Ennis is killed by Deucalion without their knowing it. The twins later help their pack find and kill Jennifer Blake without wanting to hurt Scott or his friends. While Kali wants to kill Derek, she is intercepted by Ethan and Aiden who confront her although Jennifer who is in fact the Darach kills Deucalion's second. She also neutralizes the twins who fall to the ground, left for dead. They are however cared for by veterinarian Deaton.

In Season 3B, they lost their Alpha status after the Darach fight and desperately try to join Scott's pack, though Isaac and Stiles are reluctant about this. They later join with Scott in battling the Oni and the evil spirit that possesses Stiles, the Nogitsune. During the final battle, Aiden dies stabbed by an Oni and Ethan and Lydia mourn his death. In high school, Ethan says goodbye to Danny who knows he's a werewolf and the two kiss.

Season 6

Ethan returns to the series and we learn that he now lives in London and that he is the boyfriend of Jackson Whittemore, a former high school student in Beacon Hills. The two are attacked in their apartment by two werewolf hunters who reveal that it is Gerard Argent who sends them and that he plans to annihilate all the supernatural creatures on the planet. Ethan and Jackson therefore decide to return to Beacon Hills to help Scott and his pack.

They are captured by Monroe's hunters and torture them explaining how dangerous they are. On their way to high school, they are both petrified by the Anuk-ite like many of their allies. After the latter's disappearance, they come back to life and are saved from a hunter by Coach Finstock. Ethan eventually returns to London with Jackson.


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