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Ummm... H-h-hiya! I'm Dr. Alphys. I'm ASGORE's royal scientist!
~ Alphys introduces herself to Frisk when the latter makes their way into Hotland.
Guiding you has made me feel... A lot better about myself. So... thanks for letting me help you.
~ Alphys to Frisk.

Alphys is a major character in the 2015 indie-game Undertale, serving as a major protagonist in the True Pacifist and Neutral routes and an unseen major antagonist in the Genocide route. Alphys makes her first appearance after Frisk enters Hotland. She is the Royal Scientist who works in the Lab located in Hotland. Alphys has a crush on Undyne, the leader of the Royal Guard.


Alphys appears to be a yellow reptile-like monster and is almost the same height as Frisk. She is seen wearing a white lab coat and glasses. Afterward during her date, she is wearing a black and white polka dot dress, which she also wears on other special occasions.


Alphys is a nerdy, shy recluse with a fondness for human anime and manga. She is very insecure, worrying about what other monsters think of her. Her failed experiments with Determination that involved the creation of the amalgates contributed to this, as she was filled with guilt, told nobody, and became depressed. She has a crush on multiple characters (some mild, others more serious), but struggles to communicate her feelings. She deeply cares for other monsters, as evidenced if Frisk follows a Genocide Route but aborts it in Hotland; after hearing Undyne's last words and evacuating the monsters, Alphys, whose resolve is strengthened, becomes their ruler. Even after people discovered her failed experiments with determination, they treated her as a hero, much to her surprise. She mourns the loss of her friends, then says that she really should have killed Frisk when she had the chance.



Little is known about her personal history, except that she met Undyne at the Garbage Dump and that Alphys created the Amalgamates via an experiment involving Determination afterward.

In Undertale

She first meets Frisk as the latter enters her lab. As Frisk goes on their way through Hotland, Alphys comes to Frisk's aid several times.



  • Her name is an anagram of the term "shy pal", fitting most of her shy personality. She may also have been named after the term "alpha" (which is rather ironic, considering she does not consider herself to be one at times until the other monsters crown her as the new ruler in one ending).
  • Several of the Neutral Endings are very vague about Alphys's fate, with some not even mentioning her. Usually, in endings where Undyne or Mettaton is killed, Alphys disappears, nowhere to be found by other characters. Many of these endings imply that Alphys had somehow died. For example, if Frisk killed Toriel, Undyne, and Mettaton, but not Papyrus, Sans, not wanting to upset Papyrus, will lie to him about them, plus Asgore and Alphys going on vacation. Given that he listed Alphys among characters who are confirmed to be deceased; this implies that Alphys may have died too.
    • In the True Lab, Alphys implies that she might not come back, not because of the Amalgates killing her, but because she worried that she might be too afraid, to tell the truth, and would run away or do something cowardly, which may be committing suicide. Given that Alphys is nowhere to be found in some endings where Undyne or Mettaton is killed, she may have done one of these.
  • The True Lab reveals some of her personality traits.
  • Before the protagonist enters the True Lab, there is a note in the bin that reads "I KNOW WHAT YOU DID." Flowey may have written this to sadistically push Alphys into revealing her secrets.
  • According to Entry Number 20 in the True Lab, Asgore found a cute teacup that looks like Alphys.
  • In the pacifist ending, Alphys appears to take 9999 damage when she gets kissed by Undyne. Considering she is a monster, she would most likely have died from this. However, this may be for a comedic gag, as she survives.


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