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Aluche Anatoria (アルーシェ・アナトリア), also called Al, is the protagonist of Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon. She is a Holy Knight serving Curia.

She is voiced by Sayaka Senbongi.


Aluche had brown hair and green eyes as human, along with an orange scarf. When she was revived as a half-demon her hair turned dark crimson, one of her eyes blue, and her scarf became torn and red.


She has a bright and cheerful personality, but also very naive and oblivious. More importantly, she is very reckless, and willing to risks her own life to save her friends.


Aluche studied to become an agent at Espheria Imperial Academy together with Liliana Selphin and Ruenheid Ariarhod. Some time after graduating she became a Holy Knight tasked to escort Liliana, the Bride of Time. During the escort, she and Liliana are attacked by fiends which Aluche defeats. She then continue her way with Liliana in the Saint Forest until they meet with Ruenheid. There Malvasia, the Moon Queen arrives and Aluche fights her alongside her friends but loses and get stabbed in the heart and killed by the Moon Queen. Aluche is revived as an artificial half-demon by Camilla Alucard using the blood of the legendary Arnice. This puts great restraints on her body, causing her to only be able to go out in battle for a limited amount of time. Nevertheless, this doesn't stop Aluche from trying to achieve her goal of saving the world from the Moon Queen without having to sacrifice Liliana.

Chapter 1

Aluche leaves the underground with Camilla to go to the Hotel Eterna in Eurulm. On the way they meet many fiends which they defeat. This is how Aluche will discovers her new capacities. They also meet Nero who will become the first Aluche's servant. Once arrived to the hotel, they meet Ruenheid who is happy to find that Aluche is alive. Inside the hotel, they discuss on how to find Liliana who disappeared after their battle against the Moon Queen. The next day, Aluche goes to Eurulm to find Liliana. On her way she meet Christophorus who presents herself to Aluche. After that, Aluche continue to search for Liliana and finds many hints and many servants to help her. On her way, she find the fiend Joe and beat. After Joe's defeat, during her research, Aluche finds Liliana's watch. She then collapses due to not having much energy. She wakes her later in her bed where Camilla tells her that she sent Kaede to do research where Aluche found the watch. After a discussion with Rue in the pool, Aluche goes to sleep.

Chapter 2

The next day, Aluche and Rue decide to continue to search for Liliana. Camilla inform them that some Shikigami were missing after trying to find Liliana. Camilla suggest to find them in hope to haves clues to find Liliana. She leaves the hotel to save the missing Shikigami.On her way she meet Christophorus who says she can feel "her" without telling who explicitely. Christophorus then leaves and Aluche continues on her way. Later after saving the last Shikigami, Aluche is attacked by Veruschka, a member of the Loudes Order.The two fight and Aluche wins. Christophorus appears and tells her that Veruschka has not much time but that Aluche can save her if she sucks the Blood Blood from Veruschka. Aluche does it despite Veruschka's protests. Christophorus then dissapears and Aluche brings Veruschka to the hotel. Veruschka will join Aluche's party after being convinced by her and Rue.

Chapter 3

After Aluche wakes up, she decide to drink a chocolat. The party is join by Eleanor Ernest, a traveling chocolatier. Aluche then decide to search for Liliana to Esphera Imperial Academy. On her way, she will meet Vallderossa, Malvasia's right hand. She is accompanied by Muveil, Aluche's Captain who became a full-demon. Auche is shocked too see her like that. Vallderossa then leave and Aluche and Muveil then fight. At the end Muveil decide to retire. She tells Aluche that she will soon becomes a demon, which Aluche disagree with. Muveil then tries to convince her to come with her, claiming she is the only one to understand her suffering. Since Aluche refuses, Muveil decide to leave. While Aluche doubt about having to fight Muveil again, she decide to leave that for later as she must continues to search for Liliana. On her ways, she met the demon David and beat him. She then meet Liliana outside the academy. Upon seeing Aluche, Liliana run into her. The two pass time together before returning to the hotel.

Chapter 4

Aluche and the others continues to search for the Moon Queen. Camilla mention a lab used by the Curia for experiences in the Hidden Mines. Camilla also announce that the Moon Queen was held captive here. Later Camilla talk to Aluche and announce that Muveil was the first subject of the Blue Blood purification and explain that Muveil fought against her demon part before disappearing. She also tells that Aluche can save Muveil by Aluche sucks the Blue Blood from her, but by doing that she risks to become a full demon herself. After Aluche leaved for the Hidden Mines, she hears a scream which attire the fiends. After beating them, she meet with Christophorus who ask her to stop her research claiming that the Moon Queen is too dangerous, but Aluche want to continue. Christophorus says her to be careful before leaving. Once arrived in the lab, she meet Muveil again and fights her. After her victory, Aluche sucks Muveil's Blue Blood in order to save her. She then return to the hotel with an unconsious Muveil. When Aluche later goes to her bedroom, she is happy to see that Muveil is awake and back to her old self. Muveil then joins Aluche party. She later return to the Hidden Mines and fight the demon Sticky in her way. After beating him, Aluche return to the lab and find documents about the Blue Blood experiment and about the Moon Queen. She then returns to the hotel with the documents.

Chapter 5

Camilla inform the party that the Moon Queen reside in a place call the Moon Palace and that they need a Ghost Ship to go there. She also tell that the Curia provided her with informations about the Red Altar in Eurulm. When Aluche prepare to leave to investigate, Veruschka inform her that there is a demon nearby. On her way out, Aluche meet Joe again and fight him. After Joe's defeat, Aluche sees the Red Altar and Christophorus appears and tells that that to summon the Ghost Ship, she needs the Memory Mirror but that it was broken if five and that she need all pieces to assemble it. Upon finding the mirror part. She will learn about the past of the Moon Queen. Once she gathers all piece, she goes to the Red Altar to assemble them but she soon hear a scream not far. She then go to the direction of the sceam where she find Christophorus. Then Arnice appears, and Christophorus leave while advising Aluche to do the same. Arnice then says that she feels her blood in Aluche and attacks her to take it back. After the fight, when Arnice tries to remember who she is, she dissapears. Christophorus then come back and inform Aluche that she fighted Arnice and that she is now the Nightlord. Christophorus then beg Aluche to stop the Nightlord and save Arnice. For that she tells that she need a memory of Arnice's loved one which would bring back her memories and her sanity.

Chapter 6

The next day, Aluche joins the others and tells them that she has now the Memory Mirror assembled. They then suggest to use it on Eurulm's lake who has a high reflection. In the meantime Aluche can also find a ring which is in fact Lilysse's ring(this event is optionnal). Once Aluche arrives to the lake, she uses the Memory Mirror to summon the Ghost Ship and uses it to go to the Frozen Moon Palace. Once arrived, she continues on her way until she meet Christophorus who tells her that the Moon Queen is not far but also that Arnice is there and ask Aluche to save her and for that, Aluche will have to drinks Arnice's blood while Arnice also drinks Aluche's blood. Christophorus then dissapear and Aluche continue her way until she met Arnice again. The two will then fight and Aluche will wins. If Aluche didn't recover Lilysse's ring earlier, Arnice vanishs and will never be seen again. If Aluche did recover the ring, she shows it to Arnice who then remember about Lilysse. Aluche and Arnice then drink each other's blood. After that Christophorus appears and is happy to see that Arnice is herself again and by Arnice's demand will tell her everything that happened after Arnice lost her mind. Upon learning that the Moon Queen is still here, Arnice asks Aluche to let her join her party, which Aluche gladly accepts. The two then go back to the hotel. After having presenting Arnice to the rest of the party, the next day, she return to the Frozen Moon Castle to search for the Moon Queen. Upon arriving at the end, she will meet Vallderossa and the two will fight, until Vallderossa retreats. If Aluche did take Ruenheid with her, Vallderossa will kidnapps her in the castle. If she didn't take Ruenheid with her, Aluche will came back to the hotel, when Ruenheid will be kidnapped by Vallderossa who then leaves, but not before telling Aluche to come to the Eclipse Palace where the Moon Queen waits for her.

Chapter 7

Aluche informs the others that Ruenheid has been kidnapped and that they have to save her. Camilla informs them that the lake expels a huge amount of Night energy and that the Moon Queen and Ruenheid must be there. Aluche then leaves the hotel and take the Ghost Ship to go to the lake where is the Night Energy. The ship is then transfered to the other side where is the Eclipse Palace. Aluche then go to the Palace where she can hear Ruenheid screaming. On her way she meet Christophorus once again who apologize because she was fed false informations for which Aluche answer it's not or fault. Christophorus then warn Aluche that the Moon Queen is powerful and would stop at nothing to accomplish her goals and encourage her to success before disappearing. Aluche then continue her way until she arrive in the dungeon where are Ruenheid and Vallderossa. Aluche rush to help Ruenheid but is soon attacked by Vallderossa who plan to defeat Aluche to make Ruenheid fall into Darkness and lose hope that will lead her to become a demon and then kill Aluche herself. Aluche then fight Vallderossa and beats her. Before she dies, Vallderossa tells Aluche that there is no way that human and demon can't coexist and that one day, the world will become a land without night where demons cannot exists and that's why they decided to create a world without light. But Aluche answer that human and demon can coexist and that she learned from her friends that people are not defined by if they are a demon or not. By hearing this world Vallderossa admit that if they were more humans like Aluche, Malvasia wouldn't have suffered that much. Vallderossa then asks Aluche to save Malvasia before dying. Aluche then goes to Ruenheid and decide to drink the blue blood in her but is interrupted many times because Ruenheid finds it embarrassing. Aluche then drinks Ruenheid's blood by force which cause the later to collapse. Aluche then brings back Ruenheid in the hotel. The next day Aluche returns to the Eclipse Palace and arrive at the top where waits Malvasia also known as the Moon Queen. Aluche then proclaims that she will save to world and Liliana, for which Malvasia answer that she knows the feelings of love Aluche has and that she had it before. She then prepare to battle and the two fights.

In the bad ending, Malvasia succeed to kills Aluche and absorb her power. She then tries to take Liliana's power before being stopped by Ruenheid who used a device she was given by Camilla to turn Aluche's heart into jewel and destroy it. After Ruenheid used the device, Malvasia is changed into jewel and then detroyed. In the end Ruenheid and Liliana give a last hommge to Aluche in the Academy's garden.

In the good ending, Aluche succeed to defeat the Moon Queen, but then Liliana disappear and Aluche and Ruenheid are transported to her. Liliana then tells that the night has already spreaded and that she stopped time in order to stop it. But now she has not enough strength anymore. Aluche then decide to give her strength and sacrifice with her in order to continue to keep time stopped. Aluche, Liliana and Malvasia then disappears. Ruenheid later goes to the Academy's garden and has hope that Aluche and Liliana will come back one day.

The Foreigner in a Wonderland of Sweets

Eleanor tells Aluche that she has found the Land of Sweet and that they can find the Legendary Cocoa Butter there. Eleanor wants it to make the Ultimate Chocolate. Eleanor ask Aluche to come with her, which Aluche accepts gladly. They go to the Phantom Dolce Terra where is is Land of Sweet. On her way, she met Christophorus and is surprise by that, from which Christophorus answers that Demons like the smell of sweets. Aluche asks her if she knows anything about the Legendary Cocoa Butter from which she answers that she has to go the the largest door in the building, but also warns her that the place has also a tragic story, and then leaves. Aluche arrives to the door in question but need 4 keys to open it. She will then find the 4 keys in the four parts of the Land of Sweet. After that she will open the door and arrive to a lab where she has to fight a robot known the Mecha Patissier who thinks of Aluche as a sweet thief. After a fight, Aluche succees to destroy the Mecha Patissier and find the Legendary Cocoa Butter. Once she get back to the hotel, Eleanor thanks her for helping her. Aluche answer that she is happy too because she could see something cool. Eleanor then give her chocolate. Aluche then asks if the Legendary Cocoa Butter is different from the regular stuff, from which Eleanor answer that the chocolate she likes wouldn't exist without it. She also add that it couldn't be made by current human technology, but that she will be happy to use it, from which Aluche wonders if it's good to do that.

Time Drifts Through the Moonlit Night

A earthquake happens which surprises Aluche. A shikigami then informs her that a boat is in the sky and that it fell and has landed somewhere. Aluche decide to take a look and leaves to the Drifting Ark. Once on there she explore the place until a shadow that looks like Aluche appears. The two engages in a fight. At the end the shadow decide to let fall herself. Christophorus then appears and tells that she shadow must be someone with a strong attachment to their old life. And it stayed on the boat too long and has not anymore sense of self. Aluche by hearing that decide to try to save the shadow. From there Aluche can pass many doors in the Drifting Ark and fight boss she beat before. These boss will be assisted by the shadow.Upon returning to the hotel, Aluche tells Camillia that she want to save the shadow.An other time, Camilla tells Aluche that a ghost is in the Saint's Forest. Aluche understand it is the shadow from the boat and decide to go to the Saint's Forest to find it. Once in the forest, the shadow reappears and Aluche tries to convince her she want to help her, but the shadow then attack Aluche and the two fight. The fight is interrupted when the shadow to stop Aluche in time. Aluche then has a flashback of the shadow watching the moon. After telling everything to Camilla in the hotel, Camilla thinks the shadow might have something to do with the moon Aluche sees. They then ask to Veruschka to ask her leader if she knows if the shadow and the Azure Moon are somewhat connected. Veruschka first disagree but later change her mind when Aluche point it could be one of the Moon Queen's plan. Verushka then leaves without saying anything, but Camilla is trusting her and ask Aluche to wait. Veruschka later comes back after asking her leader, but she didn't see anything about the shadow but there might be something related in the academy. Camilla suggest to check some books there. Aluche leaves for the academy. She found many books and found out that there was a girl named Alstromeria who like Liliana had the power to stop time and that when she used that power, those with Blue Blood in them could see the Azure Moon. Aluche then conclude that the shadow is Alstromeria and that she is responsible for the Azure Moon. Camilla then leave to make more research. Later Camilla goes sees Aluche and says the research about Alstromeria is off limit because Alstromeria was known to be the heroine who killed the Moon Queen, but in fact they loved each other. And the the Curia rewrote history to make sure this remain unknown. Camilla then ask Aluche do investigate the Moon Palace. Aluche goes there and go neat a painting of Alstromeria whom Aluche thought at first it was her. The shadow then appears. Aluche tries to sympathise with her, and tell her that she made the best choice back there. The shadow then fight with Aluche. Aluche then show the Memory Mirror to Alstromeria. A flashback of Alstromeria with Malvasia occurs with her making a promise with Altromeria to live together. Alstromeria then disappear. Aluche then see it is not in the painting of Malvasia and understand how the two loved each other. Aluche tells everything to Camilla who tells her that Malvasia is the Moon Queen and that everything the Moon Queen does is her revenge. When Aluche doubt, Camilla tells her that Alstromeria didn't sacrifice for that and that they must continue to fight the Moon Queen. In her bedroom. Aluche realize that Alstromeria wasn't responsible for the Azure Moon. Liliana then come in the bedroom, Aluche first want to ask about her power but decide finally to not do it. Aluche later leave for the Drifting Ark and go to the Moonlight Space. Once there the Moon Queen appears, Christophorus appears and inform Aluche that she is just a memory fragment of before she became the Moon Queen that was cut free after her heart was pierced. Aluche decide to help her but the Moon Queen decide the fight her. After the Moon Queen's defeat, Alstromeria appears, which makes the Moon Queen happy. After the Moon Queen tells everything she has on heart, the two disappears. Christophorus inform that her memories and feeling have gone back when they belongs in the other side. Aluche ask if it was for the best, which Christophorus answer that she don't know. And that they don't needs to know. Once she is back, Aluche tells that while she has saved the souls bound the boat, she still has to fight and defeat the Moon Queen.