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I'll ensure the kingdom's nights are dark and silent no more!
~ Aludra

Aludra was a major heroine that appeared in the android mobile video game, Valkyrie Crusade. She is an Archwitch who once served Ymir and the other Archwitches, though she betrayed them due to their destructive nature and eventually became the member of the Valkyries.


Aludra was very cheerful and optimistic despite being an Archwitch. She also have the habit of speeding over the kingdom of the Valkyrie Kingdom and causing so much trouble towards the others, though she deeply cared for her friends and allies.


Aludra was one of the Archwitches who once invaded the world and once served Ymir, the leader of the Archwitched as they successfully took over the world. When the Valkyries fought back the Archwitches, Aludra eventually betrayed Ymir and sided with the Valkyries and successfully helped them on defeating Ymir and the other Archwitches.

Following the end of the war, Aludra went into hiding due to her being an Archwitch despite helping the Valkyries on defeating all the Archwitches.

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