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Alvin is a major character in the 2012 movie, ParaNorman.

He is the school bully, he is shown picking on others (mostly Norman.) Usually he puts crude unstylized graffiti on lockers and bathroom walls that is misspelled. He's quick to anger and resort to violence.

He was voiced by Christopher Mintz-Plasse who also voiced Fishlegs Ingerman in How to Train your Dragon franchise, Fogell in Superbad and King Gristle Jr. in Trolls.

Alvin has shown he has an interest in dancing, but this may be just a ploy to impress girls as his skills are obviously lack luster. He gets dragged into Norman's quest to stop the witch's curse after being interrupted by Norman during a dance routine. He tags along during the rest of the night, making passes at Norman's sister, Courtney and making claims/saying things to assert his "coolness". By the end of the night he's not done much and now claims to be Norman's best bud from childhood to impress the same girls who watched him dance.


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