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Who knows what adventures lie ahead, my friend?
~ Alyosha's famous quote.

Alyosha is a major character in the video game Metro Exodus. He is one of the members of the Spartan Rangers, before siding with Sviatoslav Konstantinovich Mel'nikov's team the Aurora Crew, after they were forced out of Moscow by Hanza for their "crimes", effectively exiling him and the rest of them. He joins with the group on a transcontinental journey eastward to find a new home for the crew, and works as one of the scouts of the group.



Alyosha, a member of the Spartan Rangers, was one of the few brave soldiers who followed Artyom, Anna, Miller, Stepan, Duke, Tokarev, and others on the trip eastwards over the Russian tundra following the Battle for D6.

Alyosha worked as a guard in Polis for several years before deciding to leave and join the Rangers in quest of fresh adventures.

Few in the Order can equal Alyosha's experience as a scout when it comes to surviving amid the radioactive remains of post-apocalyptic Moscow.

Alyosha, who is constantly yearning for adventure, is ecstatic about the Aurora voyage and regards it as yet another adventure. He's also a shameless flirt who thinks of himself as a ladies' guy, believing that women find him "irresistible."

Metro Exodus

With Artyom and Anna, Alyosha joins Miller and the rest of the Rangers in fleeing Moscow. When the Hanza armoured train intercepts them, Alyosha is shot when it opens fire, but he recovers completely.

In the Taiga level, Alyosha has a larger role, accompanying Artyom in surveying the Valley. Unfortunately, their railcar gets derailed by a landslide and crashes into the river below, separating them. Alyosha gets kidnapped by the Children of the Forest and falls in love with Olga right away. While the Children debate what to do with him, Alyosha manages to flee with the help of Olga.

Alyosha and Artyom rejoin at the conclusion of the level, and Alyosha reveals to him why the Valley hasn't been contaminated: a massive dam that has kept millions of tonnes of radioactive silt out. Unfortunately, as Alyosha points out, the dam is already leaking and is on the verge of collapsing, bringing the Valley's demise. When the Forest Master attacks them, Alyosha rescues Artyom by hurling a Molotov cocktail at it. Unfortunately, the bear attacks Alyosha as well, leaving Artyom to confront the beast on his own.

Alyosha assists Artyom when the bear falls down a cliff, and the two are soon joined by Olga and a few Children. Olga will reciprocate Alyosha's emotions if Artyom avoids killing the Children, and Alyosha swears to return for her. He also advises her that the dam is about to fail and that the Children must be evacuated before it occurs. Afterwards, he and Artyom would safely zipline before chasing the Aurora.

If Artyom kills too many Children, Olga will accuse him of murder and Alyosha of lying, and warn him that if he returns, he will be murdered. While ziplining away, the two will come under fire from the Children, and Alyosha will be shot by an arrow. This will have ramifications later in the game, since Alyosha will run out of blood to donate to Artyom. Alyosha will be in a wheelchair as well.

Sam's Story

Alyosha appears briefly towards the start of the Sam's Story DLC. He is depicted standing up without trouble in it. It's unclear whether this indicates that the Taiga level's happy conclusion is canon or that Alyosha merely improved.


  • Alyosha is one of the few characters with a facial tattoo in the Metro games.
  • As Alyosha is a diminutive version of Aleksei (Russian: Алeксей), his real first name is Aleksei.
  • Alyosha briefly practises his English with Sam on the Caspian Sea, which is not apparent in the English dub. He is one of only three characters in the Russian dub of the game who speaks English, along with Sam and Tom.


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