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You're NOT my father!
~ Alyssa, to her biological father, George Maxwell.

Lynn Maxwell, also known by her adoptive name Alyssa Hale, is the main protagonist of 1998 survival horror video game Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within.

She was voiced Rebecca Wink in the English version and voiced by Kae Araki in the Japanese version and the Drama CD of the game.


Born in 1982 as Lynn Maxwell, Lynn was one of twins to the Maxwells. Lynn was never supposed to have been born. Her father, George Maxwell, buried them alive because every few generations believed that the "Cursed Twins" are born.

At the same time, Allen Hale, Lynn's would-be adopted father, wished to bring down George. Out of jealousy of George, Allen dug up the Maxwell grave with his friend, Philip Tate, and they both found her alive while also uncovering a statue. Allen re-named her Alyssa Hale.

To Allen's horror, Alyssa had an alter ego, a male personality came to be known as "Bates." This personality was cold, cruel, and ruthless but kind to Alyssa. When she was a young girl, Allen bought her an amulet at a Mikoshi shrine, which helped Alyssa keep Bates dormant.

Sometime during Alyssa's high school life, she was sent to a mental institute because Bates had murdered some boys who were bullying her while she was walking in the hallways.

Drama CD

Alyssa was sent to a mental institute because Bates had unexpectedly became dominant during a school day and murdered three students and a teacher.

Shortly after arriving at a train station in Osaka but before heading to the Tate House, Alyssa engaged in a conversation with an old man shortly before he left for the next train.

Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within

Alyssa arrives at the house of her adopted uncle and aunt, Philip and Kathryn Tate, to spend a weekend with them. However, she arrives, she discovers several of her cousin's severed body parts around the house, and is chased by her littlest cousin, Stephanie, who is seemingly possessed. She burns the statue given to her by Philip causing Stephanie and her to pass out.

Alyssa later awakens in the Memorial Hospital brought there by Alex Corey who explains how and why she was taken there. She encounters zombies who chase her as well, and meets Doug Bowman while exploring, and Jessica Cook in a storage room. She then is attacked by Henry Kaplan who is shot by Shannon Lewis saying she won't let her die that easily. Heading to the exit with the key fails; Alex arrives and shoots the door but a mob of zombies attack causing her to pass out. Alex kills the mob and brings her to the research facility.

Afterwards, Alyssa finds Shannon who introduces herself to her. She asks Alyssa if she came there to die, but lets her go so that she may "have a bit of fun" with her in the events following. Alyssa then comes across Alex again, who has also seen the killer.

Later, Alyssa finds Maxwell in the lab, claiming she wasn't "supposed to have been born." She flees again, and soon comes across Allen handcuffed to a pipe. After setting him free, the two go to go into Philip's office after encountering Maxwell again. She begs Allen to explain, but he rushes her inside. There, she finds Philip claiming he has finally discovered the secret of the Maxwell Curse.

Downstairs, Alyssa finds Shannon angrily claiming that she ruined her life, and promptly tries to throttle her. Bates emerges and throws Shannon away, who then leaves the room, astonished. Alyssa reaches the graveyard where she finds the dying Philip. He explains to her that the curse never really existed, and warns Alyssa with his last breath.

Later on, Shannon catches up with Alyssa, apparently about to kill Alyssa. Allen enters the room and tells her to kill him instead of Alyssa. Unable to have her revenge, she takes a supposed cyanide pill, suicide in their presence. As Allen exits the room, he reveals to Alyssa that Shannon was his daughter.

In the next room, Alyssa sees Alex Corey, who states that his investigation is over. He offers to escape with her, but she refuses, claiming she can't just leave things the way they are.

In the shrine, Alyssa finds Allen confronting George Maxwell. Allen explains that he envied Maxwell, and reveals to Alyssa that she is not his biological daughter, but instead the daughter of Maxwell himself, and was buried alive due to being cursed with an alter ego. As Maxwell tries to attack Alyssa, he is shot by Allen and falls to the ground. Allen continues to explain that he loved her, and because of this, infected the statue with the toxin in order to make Maxwell go insane. He then says goodbye and tells her to leave, as the building is about to explode, and collapses. Maxwell rises and attempts to kill Alyssa once more, but she is saved by Alex, who shoots him. The two then escape.

Outside, Alyssa and Alex watch the building engulfed in flames. She laments over her adoptive father's death, claiming she should have died instead. Alex states that it's not like she died there once already, and claims he has to leave in order to take care of the remaining zombies. Alyssa looks up and smiles. During this scene, Bates' voice can be heard whispering, "I'm not going to die!"


Alyssa has fair skin and brown eyes. She has chin-length straight dark brown hair, which she wears pushed back from her face by an orange headband. Alyssa usually wears her school uniform, which consists of a white shirt worn beneath a green blazer, a white skirt and an orange necktie. She also wears long white socks and orange and white shoes.


Alyssa is very meek and gentle. However, since her adoptive father, Allen Hale, was never around, she grew up to be very quiet. Possessed with spiritual intuition, Alyssa always wants to link things to the supernatural and otherworldly phenomena. She also seems to be easily shocked. She can be compared to a shrinking violet archetype. She seems to be lonely and no mention is made of any friends.

Alyssa's personality changes when being possessed by Bates. Bates is cruel, unjust, heartless, cynical, clever, and cunning, yet kind to Alyssa, which might be a simple defense instinct due to possessing the same body as her or due to the fact he is her twin brother spiritually living through her. He is the opposite to Alyssa's shy and meek personality.


  • "Hello...? Uncle Philip? Aunt Kathryn? It's Alyssa."
  • "What happened here?!"
  • "It's only an arm?!"
  • "Ooh, spooky!"
  • "This isn't a game!"
  • "Oh no... Ashley!"
  • "Aunt Kathryn, run! Hurry, run!"
  • "No... don't come out!"
  • "My face... It's changed... I wonder if Bates has become the dominant one."
  • "A letter...? From... Mr. Allen Hale, it's from my father!"
  • "I must burn the statue!"
  • "Stephanie... I'm sorry..."
  • "Stephanie... How is she?"
  • "What have I done...?"
  • "This place is scary!"
  • "You're NOT my father!"
  • "Everyone's dead, and it's all my fault... It would have been better if I had died."





  • Alyssa has two costumes activated by codes which is a new school uniform and a monkey outfit.
    • To wear the sailor fuku, hold L1 + R2 + Select + Triangle + Start while starting a new game at the title screen.
    • To wear the monkey outfit, hold L1 + R2 + Select + Square + Start while starting a new game at the title screen.
  • She is able to sense power.
  • She shares the same first name as Alyssa Hamilton from Clock Tower 3.
  • If the player examines a mirror, Alyssa comments that she sees Bates' face.
  • Alyssa and Ashley seemingly had a close friendship before the events of the game.
  • In the Trial Version, Alyssa's skin is more pale and dull, with a different face and lighter hair.
  • In Chapter 1, Jennifer Simpson appears on Alyssa's Clock Tower poster in Alyssa's bedroom.
  • She is not related to Helen Maxwell because the developers initially intended for Alyssa to be Japanese.
  • Although her headband is orange, it sometimes appears to be red in cinematics depending on the lighting.
  • Despite not wanting to hurt Stephanie, she has few hiding spots and more evasion points to knock her out.
  • If Alyssa hadn't previously turned on the light in certain rooms, she will hide immediately upon entering while being chased.
  • Her Japanese name, Yuu (優) means "gentleness" and "tenderness", most likely a reference to her gentle personality (especially in contrast to Bates).
  • In the Japanese version, her real name, Lynn, is Rin (凛) and the kanji used for it means "cold". All of Alyssa's cousins in the Japanese version have a kanji for each season of the year in their names except for winter, so having Alyssa's real name have the kanji of "cold" could be a reference to winter and therefore to her cousins and how she is part of the family, even if not by blood.


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