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DAMN YOU! You're not my grandfather, I don't know WHO you are anymore! But I know that I'm a Rooder. I'LL DESTROY YOU AND SAVE MY MOTHER!
~ Alyssa confronting Dick Hamilton

Alyssa Hamilton is the hero of Clock Tower 3, the third installment of Clock Tower series of survival horror video games. She is an ordinary schoolgirl, who obliviously knows that her female ancestors have been protecting humanity from evil for centuries. During the events of the game, Alyssa is hunted by serial killers who like to take her heart away from her corpse.


Alyssa is a Rooder, a member of a mystical clan with the power of fighting evil entities and their incarnations, the "Subordinates". She can use artifacts and summon a magical bow. Not to be confused with Alyssa Hale of the previous game.

Powers and Abilities

As a Rooder, Alyssa has the supernatural ability to communicate with the dead. When fighting monsters, she is armed with a Sacred bow and arrows to destroy them.



Alyssa sitting.

  • An anime-styled Alyssa is the game's memory card icon. If the player considers deleting the save file, Alyssa looks away in fear.
  • Alyssa is similar in many ways to Alyssa Hale, the protagonist of Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within. Both their names start with "Alyssa Ha," their uniforms also look somewhat alike (green jacket, short shirt, red tie); both have male characters that help them: Bates and Dennis; they return from school only to discover something insane, and both uncover their heritage being told so in their relatives' diaries. They also both have relatives named Philip.
  • Alyssa shares two similar extra costumes with Fiona Belli, the protagonist of Haunting Ground: cowgirl and leather. She is the first protagonist to wear a revealing outfit. Note that this is only the case in the Western releases.
  • There is a notable fan theory that Alyssa and Dennis are actually dead in the ending and that the clover field is actually some sort of afterlife, or that they may be ghosts, or the entire clover field scene is Alyssa's dying hallucination. Dennis inexplicably "survives" from falling off the top of the castle, and Alyssa somehow "survives" the crumbling of the castle. The ultimate fates of Alyssa and Dennis are never mentioned anywhere else.