Amélie Poulain

Amélie Poulain is the main heroine of the film of the same name.


Amélie Poulain is a lonely young Parisian waitress with simple pleasures, as she decides to become a sort of guardian angel to those around her. She starts to perform such good deeds like reuniting a stranger with a box of his childhood treasures, gently prompting her retired father to follow his dreams of world travel, matchmaking café regulars, playing practical jokes on a greengrocer who's being cruel to his assistant, writing love letters to a woman whose husband left her, etc. During her endeavors, Amélie meets an odd young man called Nino, who we quickly realize is her soulmate, but she is too shy to make direct contact. She intends find the courage to fix her own life as she's been fixing those of others.


Amélie makes it her life goal to affect people around her in the positive way to make their lives better. Her acts of kindness to make those around her happy. In general, Amélie is the benevolent and kind-hearted soul who intends to change people's lives for the better.

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