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I'm Amagi, an Unryuu-class Carrier. Thanks for your recruitment, Admiral.

Amagi will concentrate!

Amagi (天城?) was a Unryū-class aircraft carrier built for the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II. Named after Mount Amagi, and completed late in the war, she never embarked her complement of aircraft and spent the war in Japanese waters. The ship capsized in July 1945 after being hit multiple times during airstrikes by American carrier aircraft at Kure Naval Base. Amagi was refloated in 1946 and scrapped later that year.


Unremodelled, she wears a patterned furisode and her banner-rod is wrapped on her back. This actually represents how she wasn't given any planes and was camouflaged in Kure, never to be used in any meaningful way. When damaged, she lays down on her side, revealing her Unryuu-class gear underneath the furisode. Again, refers to how she sank capsized at her mooring after the Kure air raid.

Remodelled, she wears the Unryuu-class uniform without Unryuu's cloud patterning. She finally wields her banner-rod, adorned with bells, like her elder sister. Her personal motif seems to be the hibiscus?

She has long brown hair with uneven-length bangs. She also has a hair flower. She has brown eyes as well as a beauty mark below her left eye.


  • Departing from the name scheme of the lead ship Unryuu, as they were a modified version of Hiryuu, Amagi & her following sisters utilized the defunct battlecruiser naming scheme.
    • That is, instead of dragon-based names, they had mountain names.
    • Amagi was last used for the Amagi-class Battlecruisers, of which Akagi was a part of.
      • To wit, Amagi-class Battlecruiser Amagi & Unryuu-class Aircraft Carrier Amagi are thoroughly different ships.
  • Although she was commissioned, she has never possessed an air wing due to losses during the war & as such, never traveled far from a port.
    • The 601 Air Group were slated to be her air wing, if not for their deployment in the Battle of Iwo Jima.
    • She was permanently moored at an island in Kure Harbor & extensively camouflaged on *April 13, 1945 after light damage sustained from Task Force 58.
  • Capsized on July 28, 1945 by Task Force 38 due to attacks on July 24 & July 28. Her damage was not repaired & she capsized at her moorings.
    • It was the same fleet with different command staff.
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