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Amanda is a minor character from the second TV Special series One Piece. She is the older sister of Milia and Holy, and finding her dad's treasure before he died.

She was voiced by the late Tomoko Kawakami in Japanese.


Amanda has a light brown long pigtails with two tied blue bows, light yellow freckles, brown eyes, and an average height. She has a orange and white jacket sleeveless, with a dark red and red sleeveless shirt, white short pants, and white and purple sandals. She holding her map drawn during the back, is indicates on her location from her dad's treasure has been found at the adventures.


Amanda is a loyal, caring, and brave young girl, but she was so happy that she is was angered while the treasures or adventures of mentioning, when her father going to her siblings due to her childhood to tries to way finding the treasure.


During her childhood, her mom passing away. Later at this point, her father leaving in the great adventures will finding those treasure from their children to make us excited. They unhappy to see her goodly, when she wanting her father to be together. While he came back for one adventure, he has the fatal wound give it to by Bayan. Her father gives to her log pose from her sister, Milia, the map book tool from her brother, Holy, and a drew map in Amanda's back before he passing away.

As a month ago when she meets the Straw Hat Pirates, Amanda and her younger siblings is kidnapped by Zap. While Bonney and Maccus are moves into their cargo, when they coming around from their children and Amanda trapped by the deal has a two on go to the island when her dad is. Her crew escaping Zap in the small boat life and traveling go to the island to finding their treasure.


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