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And my name is Amanda! I'm Slippy's fiancee! Let's wipe these goons out together!
~ Amanda.

Amanda is an anthropomorphic frog character from Star Fox: Command and she serves as Slippy's main love interest and fiancee. She serves a major role in fending off the Anglar Blitz. She can be a bit hasty and despises being left out of the picture, but is very devoted to Slippy and longs to fight by his side by any means necessary and is willing to prove that she is far from useless. She pilots her personal spacecraft dubbed the Tadpole.


Not much is known about Amanda's early life up until she and Slippy met for the first time and had fallen in love. This resulted in Slippy spending less time in the Star Fox Team in favor of getting to know her, and he eventually proposed to her and she happily accepted. A month later, the Anglars began invading the Lylat System, Slippy contacts Fox and introduced him to Amanda and he was about to tell him the news, but Amanda interrupts and tells him that she and Slippy have been engaged since the previous month. Fox was pleasantly surprised and congratulated them, but then she begs him not to get Slippy involved in this mess. Slippy is about to protest, but Amanda doesn’t want to hear any of it and knows he can’t say no to helping the Star Fox squadron, which she won. Fox comments on their relationship as “awkward” and Slippy soon had to cut off communications, which flustered Fox.

Slippy soon had to leave Amanda so he can help Fox deal with the threat. Depending on the path the player takes, they may or may not meet Amanda throughout the story. In one of the paths, she is mentioned by Slippy when trying to coax Krystal into forgiving Fox and admits that he himself is ashamed in having to leave her behind so he can deal with the ongoing threat, which puts Krystal into deep thought and reevaluate her situation with Fox. After the Emperor is defeated, Fox and Krystal were able to completely reconcile with each other and they head to Aquas to look for Amanda, who becomes the fifth pilot of the Star Fox Team, realizing her dream of being able to actually be closer to Slippy this way.

In another path, Fox and his team head to Aquas to search for Amanda and Slippy was having trouble trying to contact her, leaving him very worried. Falco was about to tell Fox about something, but Slippy insists that they focus on the mission, which an annoyed Falco complies. They eventually find Amanda, who was only bruised and scratched, to Slippy's relief. She tells him that she is okay and reminds him that she will be his wife, making Slippy emotional, but Fox tells him that she is fine, which is all that matters. Amanda promises to give them a little payback if they mess with her again, which amuses Falco, who used that term often, and believes that she would make a better asset on the team than Slippy, which the latter is miffed. Amanda flirts with Slippy, making him blush, much to Falco's disgust. With everyone in the clear, Falco tells Fox about Krystal joining up with Star Wolf, which shocks Fox.

In another path, she joins forces with Krystal and Katt to assist Lucy in defending Corneria and they eventually eliminated the main part of their forces and emerged victorious. Amanda suggested to Krystal that she reconcile with Fox, since they are meant to be together. Lucy has an idea and makes the most of their wait for Peppy to escort Fox and his team home, by having a welcome home party for them.

Two endings involve Slippy and Amanda getting married and having several children (and eventually grandchildren), with one of their sons joining the new Star Fox team led by Fox and Krystal's son Marcus, along with Lucy's daughter and Falco Lombardi. All of the events are non-canon.

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