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"I'm inherit to the team in the world's soccer league THE HURRICANES!"
~ Amanda's Inheritance to her father.
"It's Storm Time Hurricanes. Let's blow them away!"
~ Amanda's Catchphrase
Amanda Carey

Amanda Carey is the sixteen-year-old heroine from the Hurricanes TV series.

The Hurricanes

Amanda helps out a soccer team called the Hurricanes. They go on incredible adventures together around the world and must evade the evil Gorgons. She words for the Hurricanes' coach, Jock Stone, who was based on Celtic F. G. manager Jock Stein. During the series, the Hurricanes battle against the Gorgons, led by the wicked Stavros Garkos, and must choose between that and having adventures around the globe.

In The Serpent's Tail, Amanda gets captured by the Gorgons and is rescued.


Amanda is played by Chiara Zanni.

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