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Amanda McKay is the third ninja in the Supah Ninjas. She is also a straight-A cheerleader and one of the most popular girls in school. However, all she really wants is to be more than some pretty cheerleader; she wants a sense of danger, and adventure, which is why she requested to join Mike and Owen in the first place. She should never be underestimated and is out to prove that she's not just some good girl.


Amanda is generally kind, accepting, and down-to-earth. She's commonly known as the good girl, and sometimes even a nerd—though her cheerleading life is often able to drown that part out. She's willing to show her rebellious side but is proud of who she is. A quirk she has is, before she's going to attack someone, she taps her right foot, as pointed out by Owen in Morningstar Academy. Another nickname she hasn't been able to shake is how predictable she comes across. She is prideful, not afraid of blackmail, and has a sweet side like everyone. She is a cunning, quick thinker who is not afraid to make herself heard. Sometimes she could be a snob and very shallow. She is very rebellious sometimes, because she reminds me of Thea Queen and Paige Matthews. Sometimes she is a shallow and snob and a lot of times she doesn't exactly qualified as a superhero like Mike and Owen. Mike and Owen are the real heroes, they are outsiders who work twice as hard to make it. Everything comes easy for her, like Kimberly Hart and the hot guy Cameron that she is dating to show off.


  • The difference between Julie and Amanda:
    • Amanda is very pretty and popular and she has to date the hottest guy like Cameron to boost her rep and she cares more about appearances than herself. Julie is nice and caring and overlooks Mike as a nerd and doesn't care about her reputation.
    • Julie is very pretty and nerdy that is why she would have made a great ninja.
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