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Amanda Porter née Clarke (formerly Emily Grayson and as an alias Emily Thorne) is the main protagonist in Revenge tv series. His father worked corporate executive of Grayson Global. Conrad Grayson was laundered money for the Americon Initiative, during the bombing of Flight 197 that killed a lot of people. Conrad knew, the feds will link money laundering to Grayson Global and link him to the terrorist bombing. Victoria knew, if Conrad goes to jail, she and Daniel will be out on the street and lose everything. Victoria had an affair with Emily's father David Clarke, that produced her a child. A daughter she named Charlotte after David's Aunt. Victoria chose David as their scapegoat, because he lied to her about his wife Kara. They were planning leaving Conrad to be with her and Daniel. But she chose Conrad and his wealth over his lie. She stole David's laptop and give it to Conrad as leverage to frame David. The FBI arrested David and sentenced him to Life in Prison without Parole, Conrad and Victoria had a lot of guys who helped them frame David and also got Dr. Michelle Banks to brainwash Amanda to think her father was a criminal. It did work for a while, until she snapped out of it, Mason Treadwell figure out that David might be innocent. But the Graysons offered them a big job and a lot of money. Mason double-crossed Amanda and fraudulent book about that David was the mastermind behind the FLight 197 bombing. That is when Emily lost hope. Emily got into trouble with the law, went to Juvie after she got out. She met Nolan Ross who is a billionaire mogul whose father invested in his company. Her father gave him Nolan the infinity box of all the notes that David was innocent. Emily never read it, until six months later she partied like Paris Hilton. She ran into Nolan and tell her to read the journals. Emily went to old beachhouse and saw read the journals. Her father was innocent and knew he wasn't lying. Roger Halstead was the only one who knew David was innocent. He was the senior accountant to Grayson Global and David's friend that has a ledger that can link Conrad to terrorist money laundering and Clear David's name. But he was killed and silenced by the Graysons. That is when her revenge started, it took her seven years of training. After her training she teamed up Nolan to help her clear her father's name.

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