Amara Namani is a character from the movie Pacific Rim: Uprising.


After the portal to the Anteverse was closed following the events of the first movie, Amara, who grew up in a slum affected by the destruction caused by the Kaiju in the first movie, decided to build a Jaeger out of spare parts, convinced that the portal would one day be opened again and the Kaiju would return. When she crossed paths with Jake Pentecost, the encounter caused her Jaeger to go on a destructive joyride. However, the perfomance of this custom Jaeger (as well as Amara's bravery and intelligence) impressed Mako Mori so much than Amara and Jake were recruited to the Pan Pacific Defense Corps.

Amara Namani.png

At first, Amara clashed with her teammates due to her rough upbringing and her desire to prove herself, but eventually she warmed up to her teammates, who in turn came to befriend and respect Amara.

Amara's prediction came true when Dr. Newton Geiszler (who surrendered his mind and body to the Precursors) indeed opened up the interdimensional portal once again, letting three Kaiju lose so they would detonate Mount Fuji and wipe out the human race. Amara took part in the battle against the Kaiju and sucessfully killed all three of them, saving humanity from total destruction. She then enjoyed the snowy landscape of Mount Fuji, since she grew up in a part of a world where it never snows. 


Amara is rash, impulsive and confrontational. However, she has a very strong moral code and a strong loyalty to those she befriends. She has a brilliant scientific mind and a lot of "street smarts".

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