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Amber is one of the protagonist of the videogame Crimson Tears, She is a genetically modified human alongside Kadie.


Amber has a brown hair in a ponytail, She wears a jumpsuit that user to augment her abilities in combat as well as using to enhanced her speed.


Amber is rather stoic and apathetic woman that can be quite dangerous in combat. Otherwise however, She shows a rather human side been emphatetic and cordial around Kaedie and Tokio. She is also quite femenine at the end of the game been willing to use her attractive to lure enemies.

Powers and Abilities

In combat, Amber use 2 energy blades created by her own suit that can cut apart walls and groups of enemies. She also has rather enhanced durability and speed granted by the genetic alterations that make her special and a powerhouse by her own right.

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