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Amber is a minor heroine from the web series RWBY, She was the original Fall Maiden with the power of Relic of Choice.


Amber had a light brown complexion, with shoulder-length, straight brown hair. She had a beauty mark below her left eye. She used to wear a long, green hooded cloak on top of an off-white blouse with a brown vest, corset and pants. She also had a gold bracer on her left arm, two gold bracelets on her right wrist and a pair of golden armored boots. She had a golden pauldron on her right shoulder as well as a shoulder strap with some pouches slung diagonally across her body.


According to Ozpin, Amber was similar to Pyrra Nikos, Both being brave, Kind and excellent warriors in the battlefield, It appears that she also has no-nonsensical attitude into battle and she was willing to give her own life link to Pyrra albeit it end into their premature demises.


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