Amber is one of the main heroines from Zack Synder's 2011 fantasy film, Sucker Punch.

She is portrayed by Jamie Chung.

Personality and Physical Apparence

Amber is more emphathetic than all the girls as she felt "sorry" for Babydoll when they first met in the dance studio at Lennox House. This leads to the other girls saying, "You feel sorry for everyone Amber; no one felt sorry for you." In the brothel world, she is easily intimidated, but nonetheless is the first to agree to Babydoll's plan.

Amber is displayed as an Asian female in her early 20s. In Babydoll's dream world, she always has a Lollipop in her mouth . If someone makes her drop her lollipop (like when her bunny mech was hit), she will become very angry.

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