Amber can be ditzy and air headed, but she is genuinely kind and wants to help her friends. In the episode Adderall, she reluctantly gives her Adderall to Blackstein so he can concentrate on being gay. She appears to be both trusting and naive, as shown in the episode Sexting, where she trusts Cassandra with a picture of Brent's penis.


Amber both acts and looks like a blonde ditz. She wears pink lipstick, gold hoop earrings, a pink shirt, and a black skirt with black suspenders. Her mother looks a lot like her, but with bigger hoops, some wrinkles, and no suspenders.


Amber appears to have a more friendship relationship with her mother rather then a normal mother-daughter relationship. In the episode Adderall, she states that her parents have put her on the pill since she was a baby because she couldn't concentrate on not crying.


  • Amber is the show's "Betty" as in Betty and Veronica from Archie Comics, of which the show's character designs are heavily based off of, although she doesn't seem to have the sweet wholesome nature of Betty.
  • Amber has a friendship/rivalry with Cassandra based on her presumed crush on Marsh and their conflicting personalities.
  • Amber states several times in the episode Choices that she is a virgin.
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