Amber Volakis was one of the applicants for the fellowship positions that opened up in Season 4. She was first called
by her assigned number, 24, and then later by her first name, she was usually referred to by Gregory House as "Cutthroat Bitch" due to her manipulative nature.

She is portrayed by actress Anne Dudek. Despite her failure to obtain a fellowship position, Amber remained a potent force in the series well after her dismissal, and even after her death at the end of Season 4.

Early Life

Apart from her surname, which indicates a Hellenic heritage, little is known about Amber before she showed up in The Right Stuff. Her medical school diploma, which is still on display in her old apartment, appears to be from the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, Missouri; one of the top medical schools in the United States. She would have also completed a residency in radiology - the use of radiological imaging in the treatment of disease, then a fellowship in interventional radiology.


Amber was described, not without some truth, as the female version of House. While perhaps not as smart as House, it is clear she is highly intelligent, as well as being ambitious, driven and goal oriented. The mirror patient revealed that much of this is to build her own self-esteem. Also like House, she doesn’t much care about what other people think about her and her sense of self is highly dependent on her own intelligence and abilities. Unlike House, she is highly competitive and has a “win at all costs” attitude.

This drives her to be manipulative and she has a mixed view of authority figures. Although she is just as likely as House to break the rules, unlike House she has no trouble “sucking up” to people who she thinks can help her. This had led to a valid observation that Amber usually cannot be trusted.

Also unlike House, she doesn’t appear to have any sympathy for the down and out, believing that people who are “losers” are just unwilling to do what it takes to get ahead.

And, finally, her relationship with Wilson suggests that Amber is not a misanthrope as she clearly loves Wilson, trusts him, and desires that Wilson's needs are met within the relationship.

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