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Ah, it seems someone has come to engage my creative wiles!
~ Ambrosius

Ambrosius is a major character from the American animated webseries RWBY. He is a magical being created by the God of Light who dwells within the Relic of Creation. He can build anything as long as he is given the specifics.

He is voiced by Valentine Stokes.


Before recorded history, the God of Light created Ambrosius to aid Humanity in its pursuit of creation. He lives within the Relic of Creation, and he can create anything as loing as he is given all the specifics about how it will work and what it will do; however, he is only able to create, and cannot destroy or kill, nor can he bring someone back from the dead. In the past, he was tasked with building the floating city of Atlas, presumably by Ozma.

Decades later, Ambrosius is called on again by Team RWBY to aid them. First, they ask him to help their robotic friend Penny Polendina, preserving her soul and essence while discarding her virus-infected body. Ambrosius makes a human clone of Penny and moves her soul into it, leaving her robotic body to destroy itself. Penny becomes human, with the same soul and abilities she had as a robot. Team RWBY then asks Ambrosius to help them evacuate the doomed cities of Atlas and Mantle by creating doorways throughout the cities that lead to a single point in the Kingdom of Vacuo. Ambrosius obliges, and the evacuation begins, with Team RWBY leaving with the Relic of Creation through a doorway. However, before he departs, Ambrosius warns them "do not fall" while traveling through the realm in between.


Ambrosius is very proud and eccentric, taking joyous delight in creating and building. Though he has a mischievous side that enjoys messing up people's requests when they fail to be specific, he displays no malice and genuinely just loves to create intricate and detailed creations, which he does with flairs of showmanship and high energy. He is usually always jovial and upbeat, but can be serious if he knows of possible danger.


  • Only what Ambrosius creates directly by request will vanish when he is asked to make something else; side-effects or aftereffects are left unaffected. Team RWBY used this loophole to have him give Penny a human body, while her old soulless mechanical body vanished after Ambrosius created the Ever After pathway.
  • Ambrosius alludes to Merlin from the legend of King Arthur [1], who in turn is based on from Ambrosius Aurelianus, a Romano-British soldier.
    • Prior to the confirmation as to his inspiration, he was also speculated to allude to the Blue Fairy from the original Pinocchio tale, being responsible for transforming Penny Polendina (who alludes to Pinocchio) into a human girl, or the Genie of the Ring from The Book of One Thousand and One Nights, with his blue color, energetic personality, and rules system that includes an inability to bring people back from the dead referencing the Genie from Disney's Aladdin franchise (who was a combination of the Genies of the Lamp and Ring from the original texts).
    • Co-writer Eddy Rivas stated that Ambrosius' code name throughout writing Volume 8 was "Merlin Daddy".


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