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Ame is a main character in the 2012 Japanese Anime Wolf Children. He is a wolf-child, the only son and youngest child of Hana and the younger brother of Yuki. He is followed from age 0-11 in the film and, while not appearing as often as his elder sister Yuki, appears frequently throughout the film. In the English Dub, he is voiced by Micah Solusod from ages 8-11 and Alison Viktorin from ages 0-7.


As a baby, he is very timid and shy. He is quite fearful of the outside world and is usually seen hiding inside or behind his sister. His personality is the polar opposite of his older sister Yuki's personality. He is introverted, sweet, and somewhat cowardly. He seems to have a very difficult time connecting with humans and is seen being bullied as a 7 year old,

As a teenager, his view of the outside world notably changes. While still being rather shy, he is now more bold, outgoing, and wild, and now embraces his wolf side. He is now even more wild and distant from humans, and only seems to wish to be with nature and the animals. This may be due to being taught by Sensei, and elderly fox, whom he later takes over as caretaker for the mountain.


As a baby in human form, he has very pale skin, short black hair, and brown eyes. He wears a white shirt and blue pants which he continues to wear for the rest of the film, until he completely lets go of his human side and becomes a permanent wolf. As a baby in wolf form, he has a similar appearance to his human form. He has pale fur, black hair and ears, brown eyes, and a black nose. He is seen wearing a blue scarf during the Winter scene.

As a teenager in human form, he has very pale skin, short black hair, and brown eyes. Unlike his sister, who changes her outfit frequently throughout, he keeps the same outfit throughout the entire movie, his white shirt and blue pants. When he still has some human inside of him, in wolf form, he has pale skin, short black hair, a black nose, but instead of brown, his eyes are now yellow, signifying his change into a real wolf. After all of his human spirit has left him, he looks very similar to his father in wolf form, no longer as a anthropomorphic wolf, but as a natural wolf.


In the English Dub, he was voiced by Micah Solusod from ages 8-11 and Alison Viktorin from ages 0-7. In the Original Japanese Dub, he was voiced by Yukito Nishii from ages 8-11 and Amon Kabe from ages 0-7.


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