Ameli is the main heroine of Inotia 3 and first Lucio’s love interest.

Physical Appearance

Ameli is a young lady with long loose rose colored hair with twin braids and gray eyes. She wears a pink and green dress with a white shawl and tan colored shoes.


Ameli is kind and caring towards everyone in the world. She is brave and not afraid to fight evil. She deeply cares for others and helpful towards them.


Ameli was first shown coming out from the Islet in Carnia village with a friend and said hi to Lucio and leaves with her friend. The next day, There was a ceremony of Adulthood. The people cheered for Ameli and Lucio becoming adults and the start of their journey. The couples went out to the Sacred Tree Grounds to the leaf and they found a wounded orc named Kudin. Ameli requests Lucio to bring the materials, deer horns and mana flowers to heal the wounded orc. she heals his wounds and the orc Kudin thanked her for healing him. Then, a man named Kane came to the to the tree ground to kill him. then, Kudin dies. Lucio and Ameli headed back to the village and gave Chief Cliff the Sacred Tree leaf and he requested them to give the gauntlets to the frost wind orcs. The Charmer Shuiga gave Ameli an item, the awakening seal, a seal that unlock random skills. She learned magic hammer from the seal that Charmer Shuiga gave her. And she and Lucio headed to the east of Carnia and headed to the way to the frost wind hill.

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