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Linda Martin: You were right. He's not safe. You need to take him.
Amenadiel: No. No one will sacrifice themselves for this baby the way that you were just willing to do. No one will protect him like we will.
~ Linda Martin and Amenadiel about Charlie's safety.
You sure you don't want to chase after her? Maybe I can ask Father for some rain and make it a moment.
~ Amenadiel to Lucifer

Amenadiel is one of the main protagonists of the TV series Lucifer. While he first appeared as the main antagonist of Season 1, he became one of the main protagonists in the subsequent seasons.

He is the eldest archangel and former right-hand of God, while also being the older brother of Lucifer Morningstar. Initially he came to Earth under his father's orders to get Lucifer to return to Hell after he retired, but after losing his powers, he came to appreciate humans as equals before accepting that his home was on Earth alongside them.

He is portrayed by D.B. Woodside.


Amenadiel was the first child of God and Goddess as well as brother to all the other angels. Amenadiel would become God's favorite child and was a key player in stopping Lucifer's rebellion in Heaven. Afterward, God gave him a rod-shaped necklace (secretly key to Azrael's Blade) that would eventually prove Amenadiel as his favorite. Lucifer once said that they always looked up to him.

Eventually, Lucifer takes a break from Hell and lands in Los Angeles. Amenadiel is tasked with bringing him back to Hell but after losing his necklace, Lucifer helps him find it and in return is allowed to stay longer.

Some five years later, Amenadiel comes back to request his return again. After Lucifer refuses, the angel convinces his demon bartender Mazikeen to help. Amenadiel stages an event where Lucifer's angel wings (which had been cut off and stored in a container) are stolen. With Amenadiel's help, he finds his wings, but after interrogating the thief on his own, learns that his brother was attempting to manipulate him into returning back to Hell. At a beach, Amenadiel tries to convince Lucifer to return but he ends up burning the wings.

Next, Amenadiel goes after Lucifer's therapist to learn information and sleeps with Mazikeen (who convinces Lucifer she can kill Amenadiel and send him back to Heaven). But the plan fails and even more desperate, brings back to life a corrupt cop to kill Lucifer. This too fails and realizing his mistakes, stays on Earth to accompany Lucifer in his daily life.

When his mother escapes Hell and finds her sons, Amenadiel and her concoct a plan to cut open the gates of Heaven and reunite with their family. During this time, Amenadiel loses his powers and wings due to the guilt he felt from manipulating others in his attempts to bring Lucifer back to Hell.

Later on, Uriel, Amenadiel's brother, comes to Earth to forcefully collect his mother and return her to Hell. In the process, he is confronted by his brother who tells him to go home. When Uriel realizes Amenadiel no longer has his powers, he attacks and beats him. Lucifer would end up killing his brother, making Amenadiel and his mother extremely upset.

Amenadiel makes up with Linda, Lucifer's therapist who now knows of the divine. Over time, the group assembles Azrael's Blade and plans to come home. But after learning of Lucifer's plan to abandon her in Heaven, she goes to a pier filled with people and plans on exploding. Lucifer convinces her not to and puts her in another universe, along with Azrael's Blade. At the time, Amenadiel managed to use his time slowing powers to save Linda from dying after Goddess attacked her. When Amenadiel learned her mother was gone, he got heartbroken.

When Lucifer finds Cain and is trying to find ways to kill him, Amenadiel develops a secret relationship with Linda. When Maze finds out, she forces them to stop, angering both Linda and Amenadiel. Later on, he helps Charlotte Richards, the woman whose body was inhabited by Goddess, redeem herself. Unfortunately, she is killed and he takes her to Heaven.

After Cain is killed and Chloe Decker discovers Lucifer's true identity, Amenadiel discovers that Linda is pregnant with his baby. Though initially rejecting Amenadiel's want to help her raise it, they later get back together. One day, Amenadiel meets a teenage boy, who he helps remove his ties from selling drugs unwillingly. Sadly, the boy is killed and very upset, Amenadiel gives him his necklace.

Amenadiel's huntress sister Remiel came to Earth to collect the new celestial baby, but he refused to give it and fought valiantly for him.

When the baby is born, he and Linda name him Charlie. But Dromos, a demon from Hell, takes the baby in the hopes of raising him to become the ruler of Hell, for only a celestial can take the throne. Fortunately, he manages to save his child with the help of his friends and family.


Amenadiel is very handsome and charismatic, perks he would use when doing God's work on Earth. Initially, he was egocentric and full of himself, due to his position as God's favorite child. He was not afraid to use humans to achieve God's will if his normal methods failed. During the first season, he often didn't think about the path he was leading in his mission to bring Lucifer back to Hell.

After he fell, he realized the gravity of what he'd done, causing him to feel guilty and causing the loss of his powers. He became more humble and accepting of Lucifer and even went as far as wanting to help him as much as he could as a brother. Amenadiel also became fond of humanity, viewing them as equals rather than as inferior. He even fell for one, Linda, and had a child with her. As a father, he became protective, willing to fight his sister Remiel when she came to take his son Charlie. Besides that, he became more forgiving too, believing that anyone had the potential for redemption such as Goddess and Charlotte Richards; though he may have only helped her due to her being the person his mother inhabited during her stay on Earth.


  • Angel Physiology: Angels such as Amenadiel and Lucifer have supernatural strength, mobility, dexterity and invulnerability.
    • Supernatural Strength: Amenadiel is the strongest of God's angels, able to overpower even Lucifer. He was capable of besting Cain even without his powers and with them is able to through people 30 feet in the air. Like Lucifer, he can break through walls like nothing and it would take the hardest steel to contain him.
    • Supernatural Mobility: Amenadiel is able to appear and disappear in the blink of an eye.
    • Supernatural Stamina: Amenadiel has incredibly high stamina, though he has been shown to run out after long fights with Lucifer.
    • Supernatural Dexterity: Amenadiel has been shown to have incredible dexterity, able to dodge and catch bullets like nothing.
    • Invulnerability: Amenadiel is invincible to every form of damage except to demonic knives forged in Hell and Azrael's Blade.
    • Immortality: Being the first angel, he has been alive for eons and is impervious to age.
    • Healing: Amenadiel has the power to heal and even bring back people on rare occasions such as when he brought Malcolm Graham from the dead and healed his gunshot wounds.
    • Flight: With his angelic wings, he can fly faster than the eye can see.
    • Travel between Heaven and Hell: With his wings, Amenadiel can travel to both Heaven or Hell at an instant.
    • Time Slowing: Every angel has a specific power designated for them, and his is to make time extremely slow. He used this power to visit Lucifer in his nightclub without anyone noticing and to slow time, allowing Linda to survive Goddess's attack.


  • Both Chloe and Ella Lopez are charmed by Amenadiel's presence.
  • In the comics, Amenadiel is Lucifer's strong but idiotic brother who continuously tries to kill him.
  • Amenadiel is deeply disturbed by racial profiling, having had little experience with humanity beyond the 2 years he spent powerless.
  • As the second God, Amenadiel decides to rule differently. He made Heaven a democracy, with full transparency; no mysterious ways like God.

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