American Dream is a character from the Marvel comics. She is the superheroine from the universe of the Earth-982.


Shannon Carter is a girl from a typical central-western family. Her father was a small town policeman, her mother was a schoolteacher. Shannon lost her parents in her teens in a terrible car accident. Shannon herself was hospitalized and was subsequently accepted by her aunt Peggy Carter (First Love of Captain America, later the spouse of the Winter Soldier).

When Shannon was discharged from the hospital, she was confined to a wheelchair. Her aunt, however, did her best to help restore her ability to walk. Aunt regularly told her stories about the heroic Captain America and her aunt, Sharon Carter. Shannon enjoyed these stories and began to idolize Captain America, wanting to become a superhero like him. It became the driving force to begin the preparation and strengthening of her body. As a result of her strength training and desire for life, she was able to overcome her illness and get on her feet.

She continued to train daily, which made her body a finely tuned machine. Around this time, when Shannon could finally get the opportunity to work with the Avengers, they were disbanded. But Shannon was able to get into the mansion Avengers.

Fortunately for Shannon, during her time as an employee in the Avengers mansion, the squad was reassembled. Upon learning that the Avengers' new team was not fully equipped, Shannon took the opportunity to try her hand at the team. Shannon created a costume based on Captain America and took the codename American Dream. The American dream began to stand out from the team, showing the character of a true hero, becoming the leader. In this regard, Captain America gave her a shield.

Physical Appearance

Shannon is a tall muscular woman with long blonde hair and blue eyes.

She is 188 cm (6' 2") tall and weighs 74 kg (163 lb).

Skills and Abilities

The American dream, although highly skilled in many styles of combat and hand-to-hand combat, does not possess superpower. Strict training on an ongoing basis hones her body to the level of an Olympic athlete. In consequence of this: dexterity, stability, endurance and flexibility, but on a human level. The American Dream is also a skilled shooter and has learned how to throw a shield. She is an experienced detective, has almost encyclopedic knowledge of the super heroes of her time.

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