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Hero Overview
American Maid
 is a fictional superhero from the animated series, The Tick. She is a parody of both Marvel Comics' Captain America and DC Comics' Wonder Woman. She was voiced by Kay Lenz.


American Maid is the World's Most Patriotic Domestic as well as the city’s most competent superhero. While frustrated with the Tick's antics, she respects his ability and drive to legitimately help the City.

Personality and Traits

American Maid has a strong sense of justice and she is quite effective as a superhero. Initially, she saw the Tick and his sidekick, Arthur, as little more than a bumbling hindrance to her crime-fighting escapade, but she begrudgingly teamed up with the pair to take down the supervillain and magnate, Chairface Chippendale. She eventually grew to trust them and would team up with them again. In contrast to the Tick's direct way of dealing with evil, American Maid prefers a stealthy approach, and has been known to go undercover as a caterer and a tourist to get close to criminals and their schemes. She was romantically involved with another recurring character, Die Fledermaus, at some point before the series storyline began. She has also been revealed to be an part-time operative for the US government and had the former alias of Jeanine Smith.

Skills and Weapons

Despite having no superpowers, American Maid is a skilled acrobat and can weaponize her tiara and stilettos by throwing them with extreme accuracy. Likewise, she is also proficient at improvising everyday items (such as chairs and plates) in taking down her opponents.

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