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Rob Rabbit is the main protagonist of (The Adventures of the American Rabbit movie 1986). He was born in Bunny town until a mysterious old rabbit greets Rob gives him some special powers. Now an adult, Rob Rabbit has mysteriously becomes an Striped and Star-Spangled superhero rabbit. Rob Rabbit was voiced by Barry Gordon.


Rob Rabbit started off as an ordinary rabbit. As his parents and friends welcome him into the world, a mysterious old rabbit who walks with a cane greets young Rob and disappears. The old rabbit shows up a few more times throughout Rob's childhood, always disappearing after making comments or inquiries about his talents and attitude. One day, when Rob's parents become endangered by a falling boulder, he sprints toward them and changes into a striped and star-spangled superhero on golden rollerskates. The old rabbit reappears and tells Rob that he is the American Rabbit, capable of changing into superhero form when he sprints and changing back to normal when he says his own name.



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