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Amida Arca is the second-in-command of the Turbines and a hero in Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS. She is the top wife of Naze Turbine and an ace Mobile Suit pilot.

She is voiced by Atsuko Tanaka in Japanese and by Wendee Lee in the English dub.


Amida Arca was once a lone mercenary who was hired by Naze Turbine to help him in a job. The two soon fell in love and got married. Later on, Amida helped Naze found the Turbines, a group that would rescue women who were trafficked or on their own by marrying them to Naze to get protection from him. Eventually, the group grew big enough that they were able to sign on and become a Teiwaz subsidiary, becoming a key part of the organization due to the trade routes they controlled.

After Jasley Donomikals, envious of Naze's relationship with Teiwaz's boss McMurdo, framed the Turbines for smuggling an illegal Dainsleif weapon, the Turbines were declared an illegal organization by Gjallarhorn and were forced to withdraw from his membership of Teiwaz. A Gjallarhorn fleet led by Iok Kujan soon showed up to put an end to the Turbines, causing Naze to order his crew to evacuate to ensure their safety, but Amida chose to stay behind and face the Knights of Gjallarhorn with her husband. Naze attempted to surrender, but Iok ignored Naze's signals for surrender and instead ordered his forces to fire on the Hammerhead and pods carrying civilians from it with Dainsleifs. Luckily, Tekkadan showed up just in time to guard the transport and protect the civilians. Amida also went out in a mobile suit herself to defend the escape pods and fought against Gjallarhorn's forces, ultimately perishing in battle around the same time Naze died by having the Hammerhead do a suicide ram on Iok's fleet.


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