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You always have a way of sneaking into people's hearts.
~ Amity to Luz Noceda before kissing her on the cheek - her most famous quote.

Amity Blight is one of the two tritagonists (alongside King Clawthorne) of the animated Disney series, The Owl House. She was the show's brief antagonist-turned-supporting protagonist through the later on episodes.

The youngest of the Blight Family, she is the daughter of Alador and Odalia Blight and the younger sister of Emira and Edric Blight. She is also currently one of Luz Noceda's best friends, as well as her girlfriend.

She is voiced by Mae Whitman, who also voiced Katara, Tinker Bell, Shanti, Rose, April O'Neil, Heather, Plaxum, and Little Suzy.


Amity has two-toned, chin-length glass-green hair that is brown at the roots and has a ponytail pulling the front hair out of her face. Her eyes are golden colored and has pale skin. Like most witches, she has pointy ears. When attending school, Amity wears a gray tunic with a dark gray belt, cowl, and boots. As part of the Abomination track, her sleeves and leggings are grayish-pink. The rest of her attire includes wearing triangle-shaped black earrings and black nail polish. She has a star pin on her cowl, which shows that she is the Top Student. She wears dark grey, heeled boots, with a light grey top. At the end of "Through The Looking Glass Ruins", she dyes her hair lilac, with the strands above her ears retaining it's brown color.


Amity is described as a bright and competitive girl. She attends magic school along with Willow, Gus, and later, Luz, and is a part of the Abomination track.

She is the top student at the school and likes to brag about it. She looks down on others and teases them, as expressed greatly in her treatment of Willow in I Was a Teenage Abomination. She also doesn't like it when her spotlight is stolen, or anyone is better than her at anything and is quite the teacher's pet. She was also willing to go out of her way to bring others down a peg, when she obsessed with proving Willow cheated on her assignment, when it barely had anything to do with her and showed no concern with how much it would hurt Willow or anyone else.

This is likely due to the amount of pressure put on her by her parents and herself to be the best and loses her composure when she feels threatened and lashes out at others to maintain any sense of self-worth and resents having her pride damaged. Her status means so much to her she became unhealthily obsessed with proving Willow cheated, even going as far as to have Luz dissected by Principal Bump over her top student badge. This implies that Amity suffers from a superiority complex as she feels the need to pride herself and succeed to feel good about herself and demeans others who she sees as inferior, such as Willow and Luz.

It's also worth noting that she displays signs of hypocrisy within her first few appearances. For instance, she was willing to make Luz give up her witch dream as well as enforce it with an everlasting oath, but it's considered an atrocity when Lilith put her opportunity of joining the Emperor's Coven in peril. She also calls Luz a bully despite her own behavior and the fact that Luz was trying to reconcile and be nice to her, saying that she was trying to figure Luz out despite repeatedly lashing out and refusing to talk to or even listen to her.

It should also be noted that earlier in the series, she accuses others of getting her in trouble, when it was really her own hurtful behavior that got her into those scenarios and made the situations worse. It's believed that her need for superiority has made her somewhat self-centered, selfish and insensitive, showing a lack of sympathy or consideration for other's feelings or perspectives. Her own pride kept her from seeing that she got in trouble because of her own terrible attitude and poor treatment of others and blames Luz for embarrassing her and didn't seem to care about the fact that she nearly got Luz killed or severely hurt, dismissing and ignoring the majority of what Luz says. It appeared that Amity was more focused on her reputation and status falling apart rather than the physical or emotional well-being of others and refuses to listen to them.

She does, however, conceal a softer side which she keeps hidden so as to not demonstrate weakness and reads to children at the library in Lost in Language. The episode also shows that she is constantly picked on by her older siblings. This also suggests that Amity's refusal to "show weakness" keeps her from admitting her own flaws and taking responsibility for her actions and how she treats others and deludes herself by blaming others for her issues or projecting her own insecurities and faults onto them in a desperate and somewhat pitiful attempt to make herself feel better.

The episode also suggested that due to her parent's abuse, her sibling's treatment, and her "friend's" influence has dimmed her view on real compassion and skewed her view on how she sees others as she couldn't understand why Luz was trying to be nice to her and refuses to listen or hear the latter out when she tries to explain herself or rebuffs Luz's attempts at reconciliation or even talk to Amity. While she does show some remorse in her diary for her actions, she didn't seem to fully comprehend how deeply they affect others. She apparently never thought about why Willow cheated on her abomination assignment to get ahead academically after years of constantly picking on her for constantly struggling and couldn't see the harm she's inflicting on Luz by putting her through near death experiences, forcing her to nearly give up her witch dream and dismissing her attempts at friendship (which is also completely ironic because Amity longed for true companionship, but her attitude sabotages any chances of forming meaningful relationships). But she gradually starts to change her toxic way of thinking at the end of Lost in Language.

After the library incident, Amity finally realizes that Luz never meant to embarrass her and sees that her own behavior wasn't helping, leading her to becoming a kinder and happier person due to Luz's influence. Amity slowly starts connecting with Luz and is putting effort into being friends with her. She is also aware that Luz meant no harm after taking her wand and accidently angered a nearby slitherbeast, even sealing Luz in a magic barrier for her protection, proving that she now cares about Luz's well-being. She also started to form a crush on Luz in The First Day as she tries to assure herself that Luz attending Hexside doesn't change anything.

"Understanding Willow" further explores Amity's more irrational side and a possible fear of facing her own problems as she tried to erase Willow's memory of their former friendship together, only to accidentally destroy more of Willow's mind. Thanks to Luz's emotional support, Amity was able to show inner Willow how sorry she was for not standing up to her parents when they threatened to end their friendship, and while she couldn't undo all the harm she's done in the past, decides to stop bullying Willow and promises to not let Boscha or her group pick on her again, leading to her and Willow starting to rebuild their relationship.

By "Enchanting Grom Fright", Amity sees how much of an impact Luz has on her life as she wanted to ask Luz to grom, but couldn't out of fear of rejection and the chance of ruining her first real friendship in a long time. By "Wing It Like Witches", her crush on Luz has grown so much that she could barely function around her. However, she was willing to help Luz and Willow in a grudgby match against Bosha and defect from her "fake friends" to her real ones, showing that she would rather be with those who make her happy instead of those just to uphold her family's status.

In "Escaping Expulsion", she was still afraid to stand up to her parents when they expel Luz, Willow and Gus from school for being "a bad influence" on their daughter. She was able to assert herself to her mother when she threatened the life of her crush Luz at an abomitron presentation, saying that she, Willow and Gus make Amity want to be a better person and gets them back into Hexside.

After Luz accidentally gets her fired from the library in "Through the Looking Glass Ruins", Amity says that ever since Luz came to the Boiling Isles, it made Amity do stupid things around her and wished it didn't, only to see that she upset Luz as well. She tells her siblings how much things changed and how she's thinking and feeling things she never experienced before, with her sister reassuring her that she is happier when Luz came into her life. When Luz gets Amity's job back, and Amity gets a new hairdo, Amity confirms her feelings by kissing Luz on the cheek, only to get flustered and leave.

In "Knock, Knock, Knocking on Hooty's Door", Hooty kidnapped Amity in an attempt to get Luz to ask her out. At first, Amity wanted Luz to forget the kiss and for things to go back to normal, only for them to be pulled into a tunnel of love made by Hooty. Amity starts to like it, believing that Luz is reciprocating her feelings, only to feel dejected when Luz destroys everything in order to avoid the embarrassment of the tunnel's cheesiness. In the end, Luz finally asked her out, Amity ecstatically accepted and the two became a couple.

When Luz gets sick in "Eclipse Lake, Amity expresses uncertainty in their new relationship as she does everything she can to comfort Luz to prove that she is an awesome girlfriend. When she went with Eda and King to get titan's blood for Luz to get home, they run into Hunter, who inputs doubts in Amity's mind that if she doesn't return with results, Luz will dump her. But thanks to King, Amity remembered who Luz really is and learns that she doesn't have to prove anything to justify her existence. She also shows tremendous sacrifice as she gives Hunter the portal key when he threatens Luz's life, only for Luz to be happy that Amity is OK regardless of what happened, reinforcing what Amity learned.



Amity was born into the affluent Blight family as the youngest child of Odalia and Alador Blight, being two years younger than the couple's fraternal twins Emira and Edric Blight, born in that order. During her childhood Amity was close friends with fellow witch Willow Park, the two of them having done nearly everything together, including getting into trouble. But after Amity had begun manifesting magical abilities, Willow gained hers later than most children her age, and worse still demonstrated a level of clumsiness towards them. And although Amity did not hold this disadvantage against her, the Blights did. Odalia and Alador confronted their daughter at one of her birthday parties, demanding that Amity severe her connection to Willow so as to instead cultivate relationships with other influential families.

Despite her protests to the contrary Amity willingly cut ties with Willow, calling her a weakling and telling her that their friendship was over, but only after Odalia had threatened to use her influence to ensure that Willow would never attend Hexside, the school where both Amity and Willow were enrolling in at the time. In lieu of her first real friend Amity began spending time with the likes of Boscha and Skara, two girls whom Amity had previously thought of as being mean but did so as per her parents demands. In their early teen years, the trio joined The Banshees, Hexside's resident Grudgby sports team, with Amity acting as captain. Not long before Luz Noceda's arrival to the Boiling Isles, Amity quite the team after an attempt of hers to win a match with a rival school had left her teammates badly wounded. This was the first indication that Amity still held accountability and regret towards her actions despite adapted to a more callous attitude.

Sometime between her separation from Willow and Luz's arrival to the Isles, Amity experienced several other character defining events. Although she inherited her father's brown hair color, Odalia insisted that Amity dyed her hair green in order to match up with Emria and Edric's color. Odalia also had her youngest daughter wear a magical pendant through which she could telepathically transmit her demands to Amity, an added incentive in case Amity ever spoke out of line. The strain of her mother's controlling nature likely led to most of Amity's insecurities and made her develop something of a fear towards her. On more than one occasion Amity called one of her teachers "mom", an obvious sign of her anxieties. Other notable events included Amity having inherited her father's knack towards Abomination magic, which led to her joining the Abomination track at school. In time Amity became an overachieving student with very promising future career plans, most notably the chance to either become the head of a coven or being selected to join the Emperor's Coven, the most select and influential coven, the one which rules over the others. Unfortunately for Amity herself, as well as those around her, the pressure to succeed only furthered her cold personality, making her come of as prissy, condescending and arrogant, especially towards students of lesser achievements, most notably Willow. Do to her haughty and arrogant attitude, Amity would also come to blows with her siblings, who often pulled pranks and skipped classes on account of their natural talent and less need to apply themselves.

Despite all of these setbacks Amity found comfort in drawing and especially in reading. Her favorite titles included "Otabin The Bookmaker" and "The Good Witch Azura" young adult novels. Her love of literature allowed her to find work at the Bonesborough Public Library, wherein she would spend time at the Children's Corner reading books to preschoolers. But the library was also the location of Amity's hideaway, a secret room located behind the romance section. It was there were she kept her collection of favorite books and, to a more intimate degree, a diary in which Amity wrote down her insecurities.

Season 1

Amity makes her first appearance in "I Was a Teenage Abomination", wherein she is portrayed as a snobbish, condescending figure towards Willow's poor grasp on abomination magic. Much to her chagrin and bewilderment, Amity is upstaged during class by Willow, who had Luz the human girl masquerading as an abomination. Throughout the rest of the episode Amity obsessively trying to have Willow and Luz exposed as frauds. After being sent to the principal's office for making a scene and demanding answers from "the abomination" she is able to convince Principal Bump to inspect Willow's "abomination", prompting an immediate attempted vivisection of the human. A chase ensues after Luz tries to escape being murdered. Both the principal and Amity use their respective abomination magic to try and capture Luz but are thwarted after Willow uses her advantaged plant magic to block their attacks. Luz is able to escape rather unharmed from the debacle and is later informed by Willow that Amity was last seen trying to ask the principal if that day's events counted as extra credit.

Amity's next major appearance is in "Covention", attending the titular convention for witch covens, where it is revealed that she is aspiring to join the Emperor's Coven, an elite organization whose members are permitted the use of all kinds of magic. Luz, who is also attending the convention, bumps into Amity, which prompts a confrontation between the two. In spite of Luz trying to start an amicable conversation, Amity holds a grudge against the human and blames her for getting in trouble back at school. The situation is made even worse as Amity protests against Luz's wish to become a witch and the hurts the feelings of Luz's demon friend, King, in order to spite the human. This prompts Luz to recklessly challenge Amity to a magical duel, despite having little experience with magic. Amity agrees to the duel under the condition that Luz forfeits her training as a witch, should she lose. Luz afraid of giving up her witch training and the possibility of Amity killing her, reluctantly goes along with Eda's plan to cheat. At the dual Luz fakes having any offensive magic thanks to her mentor, Eda Clawthorne, having placed magic traps in the arena. Eda's ruse is quickly discovered, prompting Amity's tutor, and Eda's sister Lilith Clawthorne, to have Luz declared the loser. However, Eda notices that Lilith had also cheated by having a magic augmentation glyph discreetly placed on Amity's neck. A distraught Amity leaves the arena in shame, prompting Luz to chase after her. As Luz tries to comfort Amity, the young witch angrily lashes out at her, blaming her for constantly embarrassing her and reveals her disgrace of having her hard work and dedication underplayed by trickery and laments the stress she's under toward being the best. She demands that Luz admit to having cheated and to admit that she wasn't a real witch in a desperate attempt to salvage anything to maintain her superiority and self-worth. Although Luz agrees that she indeed was not a real witch, she does however demonstrate her unique form of spell casting and reveals that she is also training very hard to hopefully become a true witch someday. Seeing Luz's dedication to learning magic Amity annuls their initial agreement, thus allowing Luz to further her training and study of magic.

Amity and her social click appear in the follow-up episode "Hooty's Moving Hassle", wherein they fail to summon a spirit to inhabit a doll during the Moonlight Conjuring event. This episode reveals that Amity and Willow used to be friends until Amity started developing her magic while Willow remained behind. As such, Amity and Boscha are equally shocked to discover that Willow had a hand in conjuring an entire moving house, while they couldn't even conjure a doll.

Her next major appearance is in "Lost in Language", which further explores Amity's personality. She is shown to be much sweeter than she lets people think, most notably by reading to kinder-gardeners and for owning a diary in which she expresses her deepest regrets. She is yet again distant towards Luz because of her conflicting feelings towards the human: not grasping the latter's friendly attitude and realizing that she might have been to callous around her. After Emira and Edric Blight bring an unwitting Luz along to the Bonesburough Library in order to steal Amity's diary and show it at school for some payback at her. Amity finds them and is once again upset at the human girl, thinking she was invading her privacy by reading her diary, this causes Amity to (ironically) believe her to be a bully. But just as Luz tries to explain herself, and Amity once again refusing to listen, they are abducted by a demonic version of Otabin, brought to life from a book by a yearly magical event, and intent to have them trapped inside his book besides him. The girls are forced to work together in order to revert the fictional character back to his kindly self. Before parting ways Luz apologizes for having caused Amity some grief by giving her the fifth book in the Azura series, seeing as how Amity lacked that one. Amity accepts while also admitting her abrasive and hurtful attitude around Luz and decides to reflect on it.

About a week after the library incident, Luz and Amity reunite in "Adventures in the Elements". Amity returns Luz's copy of the fifth Azura book, which sparks Luz's enthusiasm to start a book club with Amity at Hexside once Luz becomes enrolled there. Throughout the episode Amity is being trained by her siblings to better use her magic, as well as mend the broken feelings she has towards them. Amity is yet again forced to ally herself with Luz in order to rescue Eda, Edric and Emira after the three of them had been kidnapped by a vicious witch-eating monster. By the end of the episode Amity becomes much friendlier towards Luz and is able to improve her magic.

She takes a backseat during the plot of "The First Day". Although she greets Luz on her first day at Hexside, Amity is left unconscious for most of the episode after a Greater Basilisk begins devouring the students' magic. However, a brief scene with Amity shows her being conflicted over Luz having enrolled at Hexside, with Amity stating to herself: "So you go to the same school together. That doesn't change anything!" This is the first time when Amity demonstrates a hint of affection towards Luz.

In "Understanding Willow", Amity accidentally damages Willow's mind after trying to hide their past friendship together. Amity and Luz travel inside Willow's mindscape and begin fixing her memories, but they are confronted by the Inner Willow, a physical manifestation of Willow's emotions. Inner Willow decides to have Amity killed for having deteriorated her past friendship as well as for letting Willow be bullied by her new friends. Just as she is about to be incinerated Amity reveals that she had been coerced by her parents into breaking up her friendship with Willow. She feels guilt for having been incapable of standing up for her friend when she needed it and swore to make amends, starting with not letting anybody pick on Willow again. Inner Willow accepts her apology and allows them to finish up fixing the memories. Although Willow is grateful for her help, she and Amity conclude that their past relationship has more to go until they could be on friendly terms again.

For the remainder of the season, Amity's views towards Luz had turned into romantic affection, but she is unwilling to openly express them. In the episode "Enchanting Grom Fright", Amity is selected to battle the fear demon Grometheus during Hexside's ceremonial dance event so as to prevent the demon from wreaking havoc on the isles. She is reluctant to do so because it could mean revealing her greatest fear: that Luz, the first girl she had ever harbored romantic feelings towards, would reject her advances. Despite being unaware of Amity's feelings towards her, Luz takes her place in the coming battle. As the fight against Grom reaches is climax, the creature having turned into Luz's greatest fear, Amity steps in to save her crush. After Grom reveals the witch's fear Luz invites Amity to fight Grom together, which they do so with a dance routine that mixes their respective magics together and thus seal the fear demon away for another year.

Amity makes her final major appearance in Season One's episode "Wing It Like Witches", wherein she stands up for Luz after the latter had caused a rift between her friends following an attempt to stop Boscha from picking on them. Amity joins Luz and Willow in a game of Grudgby (the Boiling Isles' local sport) against Boscha and her team. Despite them losing the match, Willow gained the respect of Boscha's crew, thus preventing her from bullying her. Unfortunately, Amity had her right ankle sprained during the game. As a result, for the remainder of the season Amity is absent from some school events while her leg heals.

Season 2

Starting from "Escaping Expulsion", Amity continues her growth, both in terms of magic and her interactions with others. After she ruins a presentation of her parents' latest creation The Abomiton (a new type of abomination), Amity causes her mother, Odalia Blight, to decide to have Luz, Willow, and Gus expelled from Hexside. At first, Amity does not show any objection at her mother's decisions on account of the trauma and emotional blackmail Odalia had caused her. It is only after Luz accepts to take Amity's place during a make-up presentation for the Blight's Abomiton models that Amity mustered up the courage to stand up against Odalia's attitude. At the presentation Amity rescues Luz from the Abomiton prototype's attacks. She destroys the necklace through which Odalia would send her instructions and threatens to endanger the Blight family's reputation if her mother does not allow Luz and co back into school. Without any other bargaining chip in hand, as well as some backlash from her husband, Odalia agrees, Luz, Willow and Gus are allowed to stay at Hexside. In addition to Luz beginning to feel a romantic attraction towards Amity, Alador Blight takes notice of his daughter's growing magical powers and contemplates her becoming the head of a coven, sooner than later. Her interactions with Emira and Edric, as well as Willow and Gus, also being vastly improved given their coordinated teamwork.

"Through The Looking-Glass Ruins"' sub-plot features Amity and Luz sneaking into Bonesburough's Public Library's restricted area in order to recover the journal of one Philip Whittebane, the only other human recorded to have visited the Boiling Isles. Luz hopes that Philip's journal would hold the answer to returning to the human world, all-the-while Amity expresses an interest in spending more time with Luz. Unfortunately for them, the journal's pages wear eaten by a mouse. This causes Luz to blow their cover, being discovered by the head librarian and Amity's boss, Malphas, who has them banned and Amity fired. In the heat of that moment Amity is upset, not only because of her being fired, but more importantly over all her conflicting emotions that she had started feeling towards Luz and how it has changed her. At Blight Manor Amity shares her thoughts with Emira, who ensures her that she is better off feeling the way she does around Luz since prior to their meeting Amity wasn't happy. In response to these changes Amity, with Emira's help, has her hair cut shorter and dyed purple. Just then, Luz arrives with Amity's library staff card, having procured Amity's job back after undergoing some trials set up by Malphas. Rather conveniently, the mouse from before hijacked a ride with Luz. Amity identifies the creature as an echo mouse, a demon beast with power to project the contents of the books it eats akin to a film projector. As Luz decides to keep the mouse in hopes of recovering more knowledge from the journal, Amity plants a kiss on her cheeks after complementing the girl for always "finding a way into people's hearts". In that moment both girls acknowledge each other's feelings towards one another, but their shyness prevents them from moving any further. Amity goes back inside all embarrassed, while Luz falls on her knees in shock and awe.

As of the episode "Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door", Amity and Luz cement their love life after some intervention from the Owl House's resident house demon Hooty. The girls are forced into an awkward situation of having their mutual feelings almost blurred-out by the enchanted doorknocker. He had Amity brought to the Owl House's basement, wherein she and Luz are forced into a boat ride through a tunnel of love. Hooty had hoped that this would help Luz in overcoming her love fright, but instead causes the girls to freak, with Luz fearing her advances would seem to immature while Amity continued fearing rejection. Only after a nervous break-down on Hooty's part and a subsequent boost of confidence from Eda does Luz builds-up the courage to ask Amity out, to which the young witch accepts. They are seen shortly after with the rest of the Owl House's inhabitants enjoying the rest of the evening in peace. Amity helps Luz in recovering more information from the Echo Mouse, albeit the two continue to blush in each other's presence.



  • Luz Noceda - Rival (mostly one-sided on Amity's side) turned best friend and girlfriend
  • Willow Park - Best friend turned rival (bullied victim), turned friend again (reconnecting)
  • Gus Porter - Enemy turned close friend
  • Eda Clawthorne - Friend
  • King - Enemy turned friend
  • Edric and Emira Blight - Older siblings and somewhat friendly rivals
  • Hooty - Annoyance and reluctant ally, helped with her budding romance with Luz
  • Lilith Clawthorne - former mentor (status unknown)


  • Boscha - Former "friend" turned rival
  • Kikimora - enemy
  • Hunter/Golden Guard - enemy, hostage, threatened to hurt Luz



  • Amity is a lesbian, which is shown she she started demonstrating a crush on Luz.
  • Her first name "Amity" means "friendship" in Latin, which shows her desire for friendship. On the other hand, her family name "Blight" is a word used to describe a sickness that damages plants, which emphasizes Amity's initial deteriorated friendship with Willow. The word "Blight" is also figuratively used as a synonym for something that causes destruction, an obvious metaphor for Amity's initial unfriendly demeanor.
  • In an AMA, Dana Terrace revealed that Amity's mom wanted her hair dyed because she wanted her children "color-coded."
  • In "I Was a Teenage Abomination" and "Covention", she was a target of adult's callous decisions, with her teacher giving her top-student badge to Willow after being easily impressed by her "abomination" and when her mentor Lilith made her unknowingly cheat due to her quarrel with her sister Eda respectively. Instead of realizing that the authority figure was being unfair, she takes her anger out on her peers, blaming Willow for stealing her title and accused Luz of embarrassing her in front of the Emperor's Coven.
    • It is possible that her parent's emotional and mental abuse may have directly or indirectly instilled a fear of speaking out and standing up to grown-ups and takes it out on kids her age because it's easier for her.


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