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Amsterdam Vallon is the son of Priest Vallon in the movie Gangs of New York. As a little boy, Amsterdam loves his father deeply and takes to heart every lesson his father instills in him. He watches his father fight against the Natives, only to watch him die at the hands of his enemy.

Taken to Hellgate, he grows up and returns to the Five Points seeking revenge. He returns to an underground place where his father prepared for battle, retrieving the knife that slew him and the medal his father had given him of St. Michael the Archangel. He prays to God for strength to do what he feels he must do, namely avenge his father.

While making his way in the Five Points, he grows closer to his father's killer, even saving him out of loyalty, much to his shame later. From that point on, Amsterdam is bent on revenge. At the same time, he becomes romantically interested in Jenny, a pickpocket.

Amsterdam plans to kill Bill at the yearly celebration of the natives' victory, but is sold out by his friend Johnny, who is jealous of Amsterdam's relationships with Bill and Jenny. Amsterdam is severely beaten and burned, but later is healed by Jenny and returns to become a leader of the Irish in the Five Points. He later leads them in another battle against the Natives, thwarted by the Draft Riots. Though wounded, he finally suceeds in killing Bill, thereby achieving his revenge. But all his close friends (except Jenny) are killed. Bill is buried next to his father. Amsterdam pays his respects to his father before leaving with Jenny, presumably to San Francisco, where she wanted them both to go.

Behind the Scenes

  • Amsterdam was portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio, and by Cian McCormack as a child.
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