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Amy Klein is the main protagonist of Hellraiser: Deader. She is a reporter who is usually sent to investigate strange occurences.

She was portrayed by Kari Wuhrer.



Amy was being sexually abused by her father and she stabbed him to death for revenge.

Job as a reporter

Amy is sent to Romania by her boss Charles to investigate a cult known as the Deaders, while their, she gets the Lament Configuration. Amy ultimately tracks down the leader of the Deader cult named, Winter LeMarchand.

When Amy reaches the underground home of the Deader cult, she witnesses Winter resurrecting one of the cult members. Winter tries to influence Amy, and sets her up to be killed and resurrected as a Deader. Instead of stabbing herself, Amy throws the Lament Configuration away, and summons Pinhead and his Cenobites. Pinhead accuses Winter of invading his domain, and tears him apart with his hooked chains, then stabs the other eight Deaders present with his hooked chains, killing them all.


Pinhead moves in to kill Amy to take her soul, but without Winter to bring her back and make her a Deader, she kills herself with the knife, preventing Pinhead from taking her soul and causing the Lament Configuration to explode, destroying the building and sending Pinhead and his Cenobites back to hell.


  • Unlike the protagonists who escaped from Pinhead alive, Amy does so by killing herself.
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