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Amelia Jessica "Amy" Williams (née Pond) is the deuteragonist of Series 5, 6 and the first half of Series 7 of the revival series of Doctor Who.

She was the wife of Rory Williams, the mother of River Song and the mother-in-law and companion of The Eleventh Doctor until the episode The Angels Take Manhattan where she, along with Rory, were zapped away to another time period by a Weeping Angel. Due to a time paradox Amy and Rory had created to defeat the Weeping Angels, the Doctor was unable to travel to the time period the two were sent to and be able to save them, much to his sadness. A gravestone reveals that Amy died at the age of 87, and Rory died at 82.

She is played by Karen Gillan as an adult and Caitlin Blackwood as a child. Gillan would later go on to portray Nebula in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


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