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Destroyer, An Shan, reporting for duty! I shall protect my sisters and you, Commander!
~ An Shan

Rekordny (Russian: Рекордный), launched in 1940, was originally operated by the Soviet Navy. It was subsequently bought by the People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) and renamed Anshan (Chinese: 鞍山号; pinyin: Ānshān hào). The ship was transferred to the People's Liberation Army Navy from the USSR in October 1954 along with three other former Gnevny-class destroyers of the Soviet Navy as part of a larger transfer deal which also saw the transfer of submarines, minesweepers and torpedo boats. Rekordny had served with the Soviet Union throughout the Second World War, during which she shot down two German airplanes.

The ship was commissioned into the Chinese navy as the destroyer Anshan, named after the industrial city of Anshan in the province of Liaoning. She was assigned the pennant number 101. During the 38 years she served the PLAN, she was visited by nine foreign dignitaries as well as two Chinese leaders: Zhou Enlai and Deng Xiaoping

She was decommissioned in April 1992 and anchored at the Naval Museum at Qingdao.


She had a light-green hair. She wore a People's Liberation Army Navy's shirt. She also had her hull number "101" hairclipped. A communist star ornament was attached to her tie.

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