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Ana is a 6-year-old girl, who's believed to be a powerful psychic, and also the secondary-antagonist soon turned protagonist at the ending of the horror emotional game, The Child. She was born to a wealthy couple that despised her existence and attempted to find a way to get rid of her.


Ana is a short girl who wears a white and pink dress, has long white hair, red eyes, and a choker on her neck.


Ana was initially a girl who thinks that everyone, including her parents, hates her existence, as she was aware of this, but she was wrong except that her parents hate her. Ana realized that she must do the right thing with her babysitter as she switched alignment from a naughty girl to a good girl. Even though after an event where her parents secretly stabbed her to end her life and later suffered amnesia, she remains as someone friendly.

Powers and Abilities

Ana is seemingly an advance level ESPER that possesses tremendous psychic abilities:

  • Reality-Bending: Ana is seemingly capable of bringing non-living objects to life. This was proven when she made a horror character from the television walks through the screens and a small and regular size teddy bear into a brutal stuff-animal that is the size of an average closet.
  • Advance Telepathy: Ana can infiltrate into other person's subconsciousness and can also do a lot of stuff in there. While inside of that person's mind, Ana has true-omnipotent (of course, the chances of having absolute power inside of dreams is very regular to advance level espers). She uses it to create clowns and shifts her baby sitter into different places such as outer-space and memories. At the same time, she was able to apply other things that aren't apart of her babysitter's mind.
  • Levitation: Being an ESPER means possessing flying abilities are expected.
  • Advance-Level Telekinetic: Ana possesses powerful telekinesis that allows her to control more than several objects. This was shown when she made two musical instruments automatically played, usually while levitating in the air. Another proof showed that she has strong telekinesis is at the ending of the game, Ana has killed her abusive parents by exploding their eyes one by one and dismembered their heads off.


  • Ana is possibly a combination of Eri from My hero Academia and Sally Williams of the Creepypasta universe.
  • Ana was originally killed by her mother at the true good-ending of the game, and the baby sitter has walked out of the house as confirming that she's dead, however, in a few years after her baby sitter graduates high-school, it was shown that Ana was still alive but at the age of 13 and 14, but this is impossible, there is no way a 6-year-old girl can survive of being stabbed multiple times on her belly brutally, it proven that Ana either has healing-factor.