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Ana Rivera is one of the main protagonists in the game Need for Speed Heat

She drove a Nissan 350Z (2002), temporarily got to drive a Porsche 911 Carrera S (1995) and later on gets to have her fathers Camaro SS (1967). She used to have a Nissan 350z before it gets impounded by Officer Shaw, who mocks them while asking her and the player for ID whole having her car impounded. She, at the end of the game’s main storyline, drives Papi’s old Camero as tribute to him.

She will call the player during pursuits as their heat level increases telling them to watch out. She will also comfort the player on the phone as they are being arrested or if they get wrecked.

She will also randomly call the player at the end of the game saying that’s she’s going crazy and hallucinating Mercer all over the place, only for the player to comfort her saying that he’s gone and she and then have nothing to worry about anymore. She will also call the player about how much she loves her Camaro and will never get out of it, and sometimes she will call the player with food poisoning that she got from a food truck near the beach that she went to, and advises the player to stick to the fries if they ever go to it, along with her presumably throwing up or getting diarrhea from it.