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The sons of Anansi are spiders who have very special talents. They are much like the Seven Dwarfs in Fairy Tales, as all of have different traits. There are six spiders in the group.


The first son, hence the name, is known for leading the way, looking for danger, and for seeing trouble.


The second son, hence the name, is known for building roads and bridges to help the other sons cross. He builds roads for the other sons to cross.


The third son, hence the name, is known for drinking lots of water from the river. He drank up all the water to save Anansi from a fish who ate him.


The fourth son is an animal hunter who is known for shedding skin from animals. He shed the skin from a fish that ate Anansi.


As his name suggests, the fifth son is known for throwing stones. He threw the stones at a hawk that captured Anansi.


The last son is used as a safety net and the biggest of all the sons. He is able to save Anansi when landing on him.


When Anansi was going for a walk, the sons were surprised that their father didn't come back. The first son saw trouble about Anansi in danger. The second son built a road quickly for the other five to cross. Before Anansi could speak, a fish began eating him. The third son had to drink up all the water for the fish to stop moving. The fourth son had to shed the skin in order to save Anansi. Anansi was very happy for saving him from the fish. In some versions, the fourth son scared the fish in order to let Anansi out.

The fifth son was surprised about Anansi who is captured by a hawk (in some versions, an eagle). He threw a stone at the hawk who captured Anansi. All the others realise Anansi is about to fall into big rocks. The sixth son is used as a trampoline to save Anansi who is falling.

They and Anansi saw a glow of light in the forest. It is explained by Nyame that the glow of light belongs to Anansi and his sons. In some versions, Anansi left the light in the sky for him and his sons to see.

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