The Fa Family Ancestors are minor characters in Mulan. They live in Mulan's garden. They are seen in the temple where Mulan's father Fa Zhou prays to keep Mulan safe.



After Fa Zhou prayed to the ancestors, the leader listens to his prayer. He awakens Mushu to protect Mulan and then awaken the other ancestors, including the Great Stone Dragon. The ancestors were not seen again until Mulan restores China from the battle of Shan Yu. Returning to the temple, the ancestors had a celebration for upcoming marriage. The head ancestors feels bored and tells Mushu that he is deaf.

Mulan II

The ancestors are seen in the beginning with Mushu for a ceremonial bath for honor. After hearing that Mulan and Shang are getting married, the head ancestor gets angry that he cannot be a guardian when the couple is married. This means that Mushu's job as a guardian will be removed. They try to help Mushu break up the couple. Near the end of the film, the ancestors have a misunderstanding why Mushu and Mulan should be married. They keep Mushu's job as a guardian after that.

Other media

Animated Storybook: Mulan

During the intro as a new player, the head ancestor tells Mushu about the missing scrolls that you must find. They appear in a mini-game where you must wake up the ancestors.

Types of Ancestors

The head is the leader of the ancestors. Others include one who complains that Mulan is a troublemaker in the past and using her cane. Another one uses his abacus. Another one resembles a farmer from Grant Wood's American Gothic. An older ancestor appears about Mushu trying to help her father. Other ancestors are just three motionless animals on the top, explained by the head. The other ancestor not to be awakened is the Great Stone Dragon.

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