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Ancient Predator is the leader of the predators. He is an old alien. He gave Alex his weapons as he leaves Earth right after he and Alex defeated the Alien Queen.


The Ancient was presumably in command aboard the Mother Ship that brought Scar, Celtic and Chopper to Earth for their initiation hunt. After delivering the three young Predators to the surface in their drop pods, the Ancient and the rest of the Yautja aboard the vessel remained close by, awaiting the outcome of the hunt. After Scar and Lex defeated the Queen that escaped from the pyramid, the Ancient and several of his kin approached Lex and the now deceased Scar, collecting the fallen Yautja's body and taking it back aboard their ship. Before leaving, the Ancient gave Lex his Combistick in recognition of her feats whilst fighting alongside Scar. The Ancient then left Earth aboard the Mother Ship, not knowing that Scar's corpse carried inside it a Predalien Chestburster. The creature later hatched and sneaked aboard a Scout Ship leaving the Mother Ship, where it proceeded to kill many Yautja before ultimately being killed in a nuclear strike on the city of Gunnison, Colorado (where the ship had crashed).


  • Cloak
  • Wristblades
  • Arm Blades
  • Combistick (formerly)
  • Bio-Mask
  • Wrist Gauntlet
    • Self-Destruct Device
  • Medicomp
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