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Andi is a 16 years old orphaned girl in the movie Hotel for Dogs. She and her brother are seem to be trouble makers in the beginning. They lived with their evils foster parents the Scudders. They had a little white dog named Friday who loved her. They have to hide him because their foster parents won't let her have a dog in their house. So they have to find a other solution so when they get out of the dogs pound, Friday ran into a old abandoned hotel. They found two others dogs. later she lie to Dave a pet shop worker by saying her family found dogs who are abandoned and hide them in the hotel. But she get caught with her brother. Later they finally save the dogs and they are adopted by Bernie and his wife Carol.

She is portrayed by Emma Roberts.

Book & Movie

In the book Andi and her brother are not orphaned because their two parents still alive in the book. But they found Friday when she's a baby. But in the movie their parents are dead and the story is different of the book because they are in foster family. In the book they still lived with their parents.