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And Mack is the main character of the series with the same name. She is best friend with Cyrus Goodman and Buffy Driscoll.

She is portrayed by Peyton Elizabeth Lee who also voices Rani.



Andi joins her middle school frisbee team to get close to Jonah, whom both she and her best friend Cyrus are developing romantic feelings for, while also competing with Jonah's high school girlfriend Amber. Andi reveals her family revelation to her best friends, Cyrus and Buffy, and begins to embrace her mother Bex and bond with her newfound father Bowie.


As Andi Mack celebrates her 13th birthday, she gets a surprise visit from her older sister, Bex, who announces she will be moving back in with their parents, Celia and Ham. Andi is thrilled about the news and wants to know what Bex has been up to. Bex shares a box of her memories with Andi. When Bex later discovers Andi is smitten with a boy named Jonah Beck, she arranges to have Jonah give her a Frisbee lesson. Jonah realizes how skilled at Frisbee Andi becomes and asks her to join the Frisbee team at school, but as she decides whether to do so, she discovers he has a girlfriend named Amber. Feeling humiliated, Andi gets upset at Bex, who tells her it is okay not to be perfect. Andi feels better after Jonah texts her. Meanwhile, against Celia's warning, Bex shows Andi a picture hidden deep inside the box which shows Andi as a baby and Bex holding her. Andi finds out the truth: her sister is actually her mother. After taking time to process this huge change in her life, Andi eventually becomes curious about who her father is, but Bex is not ready to tell her yet. It prompts Andi to take the box to see whether her father's picture is inside it. Andi tells her friends Cyrus and Buffy that she has joined the school frisbee team with Jonah, but has yet to tell them about the more important, life-changing discovery concerning her and Bex. While hanging with Andi in her shack, Cyrus and Buffy come across the picture of Bex with the newborn Andi, concluding Bex has a "secret baby" but not knowing that baby is Andi. Meanwhile, Bex tries to fit in at dinner when Andi, Celia and Ham play a memory game during the meal. Andi tries to impress Jonah by giving him a bracelet she made, a gesture which upsets Amber as she sees the two together.


  • Andi is the first Chinese-American lead character and fourth Asian-American Disney main character after London Tipton from The Suite Life franchise, Tiffany Chen from Bunk'd and Frankie Wong from Bizaardvark.


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