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Andre Dupas

Andre Dupas is the tritagonist of the 1961 live-action film Nikki, Wild Dog of the North. He is a friendly person who is Nikki's master.


Nikki and his kind master, Andre Dupas, are traveling via canoe through the Canadian Rockies. When Nikki encounters Neewa, a bear cub that lost its mother, Andre ties the two animals together, plops them in the canoe, and heads for the rapids. When the two animals become separated from Andre, the unlikely pair must learn to survive in the wilderness.

After Nikki's fight with another dog, Andre arrives and is pushed into the ring by Jacques Lebeau and Nikki remembers him. However, Lubeau ties Nikki to a cage and fights Andre until he kicks him in the chest. However, Lebeau refuses to accept defeat and tries to stab Andre. However, Makoki frees Nikki and he attacks Lubeau, causing him to accidentally stab himself in the chest. As Durante was about to shoot Nikki, thinking he killed Lubeau, Makoki reveals the knife in his chest.

Later, Andre, Nikki and Makoki go kayaking after Nikki realized that Neewa didn't remember him and Andre told him that after their fight between each other before they got separated, they could never be friends.



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Andre Dupas
Andre Dupas

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