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This speed is basically nothing for our old gal…
~ Yermak's famous quote.

Andrei Ivanovich Yermak, also known as Yermak, is a major character in the video game Metro Exodus. He is a former personnel of the Hanza, who later joins forces with Artyom Alekseyevich Chyornyj and Anna Miller, after discovering the organisation's corruption and their involvement in a massive cover-up regarding the purported "NATO Invasion" and their murders towards the local populace entering Moscow through mass graves.

Yermak later serves as the crew's helmsman of the Aurora locomotive and assists the rest of them on their transcontinental journey eastward.

Yermak is voiced by JB Blanc.



Yermak, one of Moscow's few surviving metro workers, worked as a train engineer on the Ring Line before the war, much to his chagrin. He fantasised of quitting his work and joining a genuine train to travel through Russia.

Tatiana, his wife, made it clear how she felt about it by refusing to sleep with him for months if he brought it up. Yermak's wife and son were murdered in the bombings, but his daughter escaped because they were in the Metro at the time, on their way home from cram school and to see him at work. He eventually agreed to run a train for Hansa on the surface.

Despite his initial enthusiasm for his new mission, he quickly found the mass graves of all the individuals murdered by Hanza for attempting to reach Moscow. Despite his disillusionment, Yermak continued to work for them out of worry for his daughter's safety, and later despondency after she died of tuberculosis.

Metro Exodus

After escaping Moscow and Hanza, with the help of Artyom and Anna, albeit in a highly risky manner, Yermak is later assigned by Miller as the helmsman and driving force behind the Spartan Rangers' armoured vehicle, Aurora, and he understands everything there is to know about it.

From the complex contraption that is the steam engine to the tiniest bolts in the carriages, his knowledge spans the gamut. Yermak works feverishly to maintain the Aurora, which he affectionately refers to as the "old gal," in working order so that Artyom can reach his goal.


  • The Russian version of the Germanic given name Herman or Hermann is Eрмaк/Yermak.


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