"Hey, you can't make an omelet without blowing up a few eggs."
—Andy to Caboose in The Storm
Andy Season 04

Andrew D. Kaboom, or Andy for short, is a rude, foul-mouthed and short-tempered bomb built by Tex using parts of a protocol robot and some of her 'personal items' with the purpose to kill O'Malley.


Being a bomb, Andy loves explosions and dreams to detonate one day, but is often stopped by others. Despite being rude and short-tempered, Andy understands multiple languages since he was made from materials of a protocol robot. Although he hasn't (physically) appeared since Season 5, he has been referenced multiple times in later seasons


Andy is very self-conscious about his weight. In Episode 76, after O'Malley repeatedly calls him "bowling ball", Andy asks Caboose if he is that fat, claiming that he has been working out. When Sarge steals Andy, he remarks that Andy is much lighter than the last time he tried to pick him up and Andy is relieved that someone has noticed. Ironically, when Andy was first introduced he was too heavy for anyone except for Caboose to carry, but eventually he becomes light enough for others, such as Tex and Sarge to carry with ease. Andy is also known to make all kinds of rude comments, usually ending with a "Zing!"

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