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Andrew Wells is a protagonist from the TV series and the comics of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

He is portrayed by Tom Lenk.


Andrew Wells was a student at Sunnydale Highschool. His older brother, Tucker Wells, showed him how to summon demons and instigate them to attack. That is why Andrew has released flying monkeys to his school, just to amuse himself in the chaos. But Buffy and her friends have thwarted his plans.

In the sixth season, he and Warren and Jonathan found a group called "The Trio". They intend to govern the city of Sunnydale as "supervillains". But they have to get Buffy and her friends out of the way. With demonic attacks, magic and technical devices, they always attack Buffy and her friends, but they are rather seen as a nuisance rather than a real danger.

After "The Trio" disbanded, and Warren was killed, Andrew flees with Jonathan to Mexico. Later, the two return to Buffy to warn that "The First Evil" is going to attack them. But Andrew is already working for the evil, killing Jonathan. Shortly afterwards he was captured by Willow, and taken to Buffy's house, where he was taken prisoner.

There he meets the girls, who will later be Slayers. Finally, he decides to change sides and be a hero. In fact, he later also took his share in the fight against the army of evil.

In the comics he is accepted by Buffy and her friends as one of them, and has now become one of the good. Later, he becomes a new watcher who trains new Slayers.

Powers & Abilities

He was very versed in summoning demons and controlling them. In fact, he used them to attack his opponents. After he became one of the good, he did not use this ability any more.

He is very intelligent. He understands old demon languages, can re-create extinct demons with genetics, and knows enough mechanics to build robots and radiation weapons.

Later in the comics he showes the typical abilities of the watchers, like melee.

He also has great knowledge about pop culture.


  • He is bisexual, and his actor is homosexual.
  • It is later in the series to the Running Gag that nobody seems to know his name, and he is only referred to as "Tucker's brother", also by those who have never met Tucker, like Tara and Spike.
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