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Whoever owns these clothes should have their optic sensors adjusted. They are obviously malfunctioning.
~ Android 18.

Android 18, born Lazuli, is a major character in the Dragon Ball franchise, appearing as a major antagonist-turned-major supporting character in Dragon Ball Z, and a supporting character in Dragon Ball Super.

Lazuli and her twin brother Lapis were originally regular humans until they were abducted and genetically modified by the evil scientist Dr. Gero. Reborn as Android 18 and 17 respectively, Lazuli and Lapis became powerful cybernetic warriors created with the intention of killing Gero's enemy Son Goku. However, the twins betrayed and murdered Gero as soon as they had the chance to.

Although she originally planned to kill Goku, 18's priorities changed after the Bio-Android Cell absorbed her and her brother to achieve his perfect form. Upon being freed from Cell's body by Goku's son Son Gohan, Android 18 became an ally to the Z-Fighters. She even eventually fell in love with and married the Z-Fighter Krillin, having a daughter with him named Marron.

Android 18 is voiced by Miki Itō in all Japanese media and by Meredith McCoy in most English media. Colleen Clinkenbeard previously voiced the character in English for some of her appearances.


Android 18 was created by the mad scientist Dr. Gero of the Red Ribbon army. Though called an Android in the English dub, she is in-fact a cyborg, formally human enhanced with nano-technology to be made into a man-made superhuman. Her original human name was Lazuli. Lazuli was kidnapped with her brother Lapis, who would become Android 17 and the two were just a couple of the many civilians Gero had used as guinea pigs for his research.

18 was awoken from her stasis by Gero to take on the Z-Fighters. 17 killed Gero shortly after his activation, resenting the notion of serving someone who had held power over him and his sister all his life. Though 17, 18 and Android 16 were all still set on their primary programming, the death of Goku, they were all much more anxious to live life to the fullest and proceeded on a rampage of abject destruction and vice gratification. After being attacked by Cell and being rescued by Gohan, 18 comes to the conclusion that she is not the enemy of the Z-Fighters and becomes an ally. By the Majin Buu Saga, Android 18 decides to pledge her efforts to aid the Z-Fighters to help save the planet.


Even when crossing over from villain to hero, Android 18 remains stoic and sarcastic in most circumstances. Android 18 cares for her daughter Marron, her brother and eventually Krillin, but is otherwise less than invested in those around her. Like her brother, Android 18 is all about looking out for herself or those directly related to her. She view violence as fun at first but eventually tires of it, not for moral reason but imply because she become jaded to it. Although she doesn't enjoy violence anymore Android 18 does still enjoy fighting.

She's bold, confident, level headed and serious and might appear cold. While she does enjoy seeking thrills she is not reckless. She's also highly intelligent. Despite all of that Android 18 is kind, caring and loving to her husband, daughter and brother. She is protective of her family. Android 18 is fiery, feisty, spunky female who is very blunt and honest. Although she enjoys having fun Android 18 always prefers to get straight to the point. She is a stright talker who has no problem if someone's feelings are hurt by the truth and her honesty.

Android 18 is also cocky, arrogant, determined and independent she prefers to do things her way. She is a loner but will always be there to support her family.


  • Krillin: The two first met when 17 and 18 were beating up the Z-Fighters, though neither of them harmed Krillin, 18 did kiss him in the check and said "See you soon". As a result, Krillin started falling in love with 18. Later, when Bulma invented a button that would destroy 18, she gave it to Krillin in order to destroy her, but Krillin refused and destroyed it. During the battle between Gohan and Cell, Krillin protected 18 so she wouldn't get hurt. After the battle was over, Krillin wished for 17 and 18's self-destruct devices to be removed. Because of that, 18 fell in love with him and the two eventually got married and had a daughter named Marron.
  • Android 17: Android 17 is 18's twin brother. The two get along very well, though 18 does call him "childish" sometimes. After the Cell saga, the two of them did not interact again until Dragon Ball Super's Universal Survival Saga, when 17 joined Universe 7's team for the Tournament of Power.
  • Android 18 and Goku.

    Goku: 18, 16 and 17 were originally programmed to kill Goku, but didn't do it after Gohan and the Z-Fighters defeated Cell and saved them. When Goku came back 7 years later, 18 and him didn't interact that much. Goku was also shocked when he learned that 18 could have a baby.
  • Gohan: Though the two never interacted that much in the series, it was Gohan who saved 18's life when he kicked Cell so hard that it made him throw up 18. So it's most likely that she thanked Gohan for that. 18 was also very happy when she found out Gohan killed Cell, probably because she was scared of Cell. Also when Gohan was about to kill Super Buu, Buu told him that if he did, then all his friends, which included 18, would die as well. Because of that Gohan didn't have the guts to kill him.
  • Android 16: The two of them seem to be very close to one another as they like hanging out together and are very protective of each other. Later in the Cell Saga, 16 and 18 seem to have more of a brother-sister relationship as they always look out for each other and 18 treats him like a brother and views him as her very best friend. After Cell's defeat, 18 is presumbly informed by the Z-Fighters of 16's death and seems to be very sad to hear the news and mourns his passing.
  • Bulma: The two of them seem to be very close friends and they like to help each other out in situations. 
  • Marron: Marron is 18's daughter whom she is extremely protective of. 18 and Marron have a very strong mother-daughter bond.

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