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Things look bleak now, but calm will follow the storm just as peace will follow war.
~ Anduin to Varian.
Charge! For Lordaeron!
~ Anduin's battle cry.

Sir Anduin Lothar was the Supreme Commander of the Alliance in the Warcraft franchise.

In Warcraft: The Beginning, he was portrayed by Travis Fimmel, who famously played Ragnar Lodbrok in Vikings.

Anduin was born and raised in Stormwind. He befriended Llane Wrynn and Medivh and they had many adventures with each other before the First War. Anduin joined Stormwind's army and became a knight. He fought in the First War against the orcs when they arrived on Azeroth. His army fought the orcs to the Swamp of Sorrows.

The orcs later went to the Blackrock Spires where they built a fortress. Anduin and his soldiers attacked the Spires but he was separated from his group. Anduin met Orgrim Doomhammer and fought against him until he was killed by the orc.

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