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Andrew ''Andy'' is the overall main protagonist and Christopher ''Chris'' is the one of the two main protagonists of the Eddsworld comic series Super Average.

They are duo of superheroes with abilities of telekinesis and stretching their bodies; however, their ignorance and sadistic methods usually cause more damage than accidents or villains they try to stop together. One day, the plane loses three of their engines and is about to fall down on the park. The vehicles is suddenly stopped two meters above the ground by Andy and his telekinetic powers, just like the real hero. However, the thing Andy and his friend Chris do them isn't heuristic at all: Chris orders two hot-dogs in the cart gives one to his best friend Andy, causing him to drop the plane right on the cart. The duo obviously doesn't care about that at all and leaves the park, taking about Andy's incomprehensible appetite.

The two anti superheroes are send into the Mayor who accuses them for putting 63 people in the hospital because of the plane crash they prevented and then caused. Angry Andy and Chris attempt to defend themselves, as they once stopped the evil litterer - by breaking his two arms and setting him on fire. He survived and is now heavily injured, but the duo doesn't seem to care much about that. That is enough even for the Mayor and he orders them to leave his city immediately, in order to avoid other catastrophes. Irate Andy is about to insult him when he sneezes, causing the Mayor's office table to fly though the window and crush a pedestrian (with some people).

This tragic accident eventually leads to duo aka best friends to leave the city. At the train station, Andy and Chris aren't very happy. Andy remembers how they once kicked the giant lizard, sending it on the library and making everyone angry. They, however, hope to find the other city and get all the citizens' love, riches and ladies. Unfortunately, they miss their train.

When Andy complains that they will have to wait an hour for another train, Chris stretches his arms, catches the train that's recently left and drags it back to the boarding platform. The two best friends enters the train, much to other's passengers' surprise.

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