I've been studying abroad finding myself. But now I find myself ready to kick some butt!
~ Andy

Andy is the brother of the Baby Ducks. He studies in space travel and was last seen heading for a date on Europa. He is voiced by Sean Szeles.


He studied abroad finding himself up until the events of "Brilliant Duck Crisis Century Special". He headed in the Hyperduck's direction and joined the workforce in defeating the Playco Businessman and after a lengthy battle, they win. He later departs Earth to Europa thus his work is done for now.


Andy is the brother of the Baby Ducks, and helps them and their friends by using his brain to power them up with wings. At the end of the battle, he leaves the Earth because he has a date on the moon Europa.




  • Andy has been on space travel studies prior to the episode, which could possibly mean that he is a genius in space travel.
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